Laundry Room Remodel Reveal

Hello friends and happy Monday! My husband and I have finally completed our laundry room renovation. I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result! Before I share all the details, I need to thank Inspired Closets and our designer, Frank.  They were incredible to partner with.  I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and shared my ideas with Frank, who made it a reality.

To appreciate the change, you need to first see the before pictures. 😀 The flooring was a very basic linoleum. Very drab. Very little room for laundry baskets. Typical resin-type of utility tub. Louvered door. Nothing exciting.

The first step was flooring. We knew we wanted a ceramic tile given this space will be vulnerable to spilled laundry detergent, appliance leaks, snow or other dirt brought in through the garage, etc. With the help of The Tile Store, we purchased the Movila 17.5x50cm tile with pearl sanded grout- I LOVE the wood grain look. My husband and I laid out the tile diagonally to full the eye and give the room a bigger appearance. If you’ve never laid tile before, it’s really not that difficult. It is the perfect DIY project, but you do need to bring your patience and the right tools.

As a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper – HGTV), I always loved the personality and style that they infused in to their clients homes. Inspired, my husband and I went to a local warehouse that sells usable home goods/materials that would otherwise be bound for a landfill and purchased an old vintage door for $35. We removed the old hardware, filled in the holes and sanded any high spots. But, I wanted it to remain aged, so the goal was not to get it back to “new”. I took Annie Sloan chalk paint to the door and added a fun laundry room decal on one side of the glass (purchased through Etsy) and a privacy window film (bought from Home Depot) on the other side (so no one can see dirty clothes lying about – it is, after all a laundry room). 🙂

The door, in and of itself, was a pretty time-consuming project. But, in the end was so worth all the sweat and tears (and maybe a few curse words). 😀

I knew I wanted to replace our utility sink with something more farmhouse style. I contacted the same local warehouse where we purchased the door, but no luck. I eventually turned to Amazon – because, well let’s face it, you can find darn near everything there. And there she was in her glory. My farmhouse style deep utility sink with high back. When good looks and functionality unite, it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

We obtained quotes from a few closet organizing companies, but in the end went with Inspired Closets to help us with the final stage of our remodel. And I couldn’t be more happy with our decision. Every step of the way, they were professional, friendly, and committed (from start to finish) to our project. We didn’t feel like just another client. Here are the after pictures ……

I purchased the antique metal laundry baskets from Lowe’s and love that they are decorative as functional. Most of the decor was re-purposed, but I did purchase the rectangular metal with wood trim basket and succulents at my local Pier One store. I don’t see the exact basket online, but they do have a variety of other baskets to consider. The area rugs, purchased from Home Depot, are plush and very soft underfoot. It comes in four color choices. I went with the ivory/gray color which balances the gray metal from the laundry baskets.

I hope our laundry room remodel has inspired you to perhaps take on yours. Thanks for stopping by! ~ Michelle

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