Fall Trends for 2019

Well, Summer has officially ended. Are you guys ready for Fall? Mourning over Summer’s end, wishing it lasted a bit longer? I love summer, but fall is my favorite time of year – especially September and October. We still get warm days (my gosh, this weekend it was in the mid-to-upper 80s) and cool, comfortable nights. Hopefully those cool nights will return soon. lol

In today’s blog I’m laying out what I feel are some of the top wardrobe trends for the Fall / Winter 2019 season.

Ponchos & Capes: This over-sized outerwear piece will be a great alternative to a trench, denim jacket or even a heavier coat. They are perfect to wear over your fall sweaters and jeans. I think they’re sophisticated, and honestly do they really ever go out of style?

Sleeves: Sleeve detail will continue to be a prominent feature this Fall. From accentuated shoulders to exaggerated sleeves, it’s all about the sleeves.

Jewel Tones: So happy about this one! Get ready to brighten up your Fall and Winter wardrobe! We are seeing more vibrant pieces this season, from rich blue tones to shades of reds, purples and pinks. Perfect to pair with all your fall neutrals.

Pattern Play: If there is one trend that is for certain, it’s tartan, houndstooth, checkered and plaid. I’ve already been seeing these prints and patterns since August. They will be everywhere this Fall and Winter!

Animal Print: I never believe animal print to ever really ever go out of style, but aside of your usual leopard print, you’ll spot it’s reptile cousin – snakeskin. Growing in popularity this season, you’ll find it in everything from accessories to clothes.

Moody Florals: Romance, in general, is going to be trending this fall especially with florals. Opt for darker, rich floral hues (no summer daisy prints please). I feel no matter your style, there’s a floral for you this season.

Blazers / Suit Sets: We saw the suiting trend over the summer with blazers paired with shorts. This trend is continuing into Fall and if you’re already a fan – then this is welcoming news for you. If you’re on the fence, dip your toe into the pool by grabbing a neutral colored blazer. You’ll get the most wear out of it because you can mix and match with pieces you already own in your closet, from jeans to dresses.

Photo Credit: Loft.com
Photo Credit: Express.com

Teddy Coats: This style coat is going to be HUGE. I’ve already seen them in many retail outlets. Typically designed with a relaxed fit, these fuzzy outwear pieces will make you feel cozy bundled up over your favorite sweater and jeans.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom.com
Photo Credit: Express.com
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters.com

Which trends are you most excited about?

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time! XO ~ Michelle


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