Costco & Sam’s Club Try On Haul

Happy Monday!! Are you a member of a wholesale warehouse club, such as Costco or Sam’s Club? These clubs may not be the first place you think of when it comes to buying clothing or shoes. However, they really are an ideal place to stock up on some occasional clothing staples.

Soft, cozy and comfy is how I would describe this try on. So many great pieces for Fall and Winter! I should mention, neither Costco or Sam’s Club offer clothing in XS, so everything I’m trying on is in a size Small. Let’s start with Costco. Here’s what I picked up…

Product Details: Nautica Puffer Jacket // Buffalo Eyelash Sweater // Lukka Lux Sweatshirt // Soho Threads Plush Shirt Jacket // Sperry Duck Boots

Such a fun, practical plaid shirt jacket for fall. Perfect for leaf raking, walking the dog or any other casual activity that requires a jacket. This is not a thin plaid shirt. It has substance! It is super soft (fleece) and the interior is lined with Sherpa.

Outfit Details: Soho Threads Plush Shirt Jacket (wearing size Small)

Absolutely love this sweater; it is like cashmere soft and lightweight. It’s an eyelash sweater, which simply means it has long threads that jut out. I’m wearing the gray option which in person kinda looks more taupe. It has a scoop neckline and such a flattering fit. What a great way to add a wispy touch of texture to your outfit. So pretty!!

Outfit Details: Buffalo Eyelash Sweater (wearing size Small)

How adorable is this puffer jacket! Available in both white and black, this puffer is a mid-weight. Perfect for chilly fall evenings. It features a zip front and has slant zip side pockets. The knit cuffs are ribbed and feature thumb holes, which are a nice touch. The hood, which has a racer stripe down the middle, can be zipped off and removed. It’s machine washable and is just such a cute jacket.

Outfit Details: Nautica Puffer Jacket (wearing size Small)

I was super excited to talk to you about this fleecy-goodness Lukka Lux sweatshirt, but sadly it’s no longer available online. They had a TON at my local Costco, so if you love this sweatshirt, I highly recommend stopping by yours to see if it’s available. It features a funnel neck, ribbing along the cuffs and hemline and kangaroo pocket. It is extremely soft and cozy!

Outfit Details: Lukka Lux Fleece Sweatshirt (wearing size Small)

These Sperry duck boots are nice year-round boots. They are only offered in whole sizes. I wear a size 8.5 so I tried both the 8 and the 9 on. The 8 fit, but was a bit snug in the toe box. The 9 had more room and given I will wear a thick sock with these, the 9 was the winner! So first of all, they are darling. Love the quilted detail. They have a soft felt-like interior lining and while I’ve not worn them outside in the rain (yet), I think they’ll keep my feet comfortable and dry.

Product Details: Sperry Duck Boots (wearing size 9)

My Sam’s Club try on was equally as good! And just like Costco, while I wear an XS, since the smallest size offered is a size small, that’s what I went with. Here’s what I picked up ….

Product Details: Free Country Chevron Butterpile Jacket // Woolrich Brushed Blanket Wrap // Modern Canvas Harvest Top // Calvin Klein Performance Sherpa Logo Sweatshirt

You know how you see an item and you’re like – I gotta try this on! That’s how I was with this Free Country brand jacket. Love the chevron pattern. It has a zip front (zip slant pockets too) and comes in a bunch of colors, from cream (which is what I’m wearing), peach, gray, black and a gorgeous plum color. Just like everything else, it is very soft. It’s more of a light-to-medium weight. If you live in a warmer climate, this could be a nice causal outwear piece for you. Colder climate friends, this would be nice layered over a turtleneck or tee.

Product Details: Free Country Chevron Butterpile Jacket (wearing size Small)

More than just a basic tee, this whimsical fall graphic tee says it all! “Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Please!” It’s cute, it’s comfortable and fun to wear throughout the season. Love the length of it, too. If you’re more ready for Christmas, Sam’s has a bunch of Christmas themed tees, as well. Very adorable!

Outfit Details: Modern Canvas Harvest Top (wearing size Small)

Well guys, another blush pink pullover sold out online. Darn it. But again, check your local Sam’s Club. They had a bunch in store, so if you love it – head on over! Otherwise, I scoured the internet and found it, in plus sizing, at Macy’s! YAY! Click here. This sweatshirt style pullover is so warm and cozy, cozy, cozy. It has an over-sized, almost boxy fit. It’s also available in black and burgundy color. Perfect for lounging!

Product Details: Calvin Klein Performance Sherpa Logo Sweatshirt (wearing size Small)

If you’ve never tried a wrap, but always wanted too, Sam’s Club offers a very nice one and at a reasonable price too. I’m cold natured, so having a cardigan or wrap close by is common place for me. This wrap is lightweight, but soft and warm enough to take the chill off. It is offered in a bunch of patterns (including a leopard and camo print). It is so easy to wear – just throw on and go. I would say that if you are petite, this particular wrap may overwhelm your frame.

Outfit Details: Woolrich Brushed Blanket Wrap (wearing the Montauk Plaid in size Small)

If you’re not sure how to style a wrap, let me show you two different ways to wear it. Aside from just wearing it as is (above), you can also belt it or wear it as a blanket scarf. So versatile. Love it!

Did you have a favorite piece? The one drawback I will say with shopping at these warehouse stores, is there is no dressing room, so sometimes you just have to take a chance. Although, Costco’s does have mirrors which helps. Their merchandise continually changes, offering some really cute things.

Thanks for stopping by! XO ~ Michelle


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