A marriage with a recipe for success

Teuchatz – your recipe for a good relationship seems to work. On 7. July 1960 anna maria, nee dittrich, and heinrich kraus said their vows – and still do today. Now the couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. The former local woman from hirschaid (80) and the former driver from teuchatz (85) got to know each other at dances in the vicinity.

Seven years after their wedding, the couple built a house in teuchatz, which they moved into in 1970. They still live there today. Heinrich kraus is a member of the volunteer fire department in teuchatz. The couple shares a passion for farming and enjoys going to festivals and church fairs in the area together. Family visits are also very important. In addition to the two daughters and one son, there are five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Congratulations on the occasion of the diamond wedding anniversary were extended, among others, by the deputy district administrator bruno kellner and the mayor of heiligenstadt stefan reichold. And what is now the secret of their relationship? Reliability and trust, both indicate.

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