Alexandra Hiersemann gives herself a fighting face

Alexandra Hiersemann gives herself a fighting face

How spectacularly the political situation can change within a year. A year ago, SPD supporters celebrated their hopeful martin schulz, and member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich arrived "completely inspired on the occasion of the political ash wednesday of the herzogenaurach SPD local association in the brewery inn heller.
This year, at least a record attendance at the event gave local chairwoman renate schroff reason to rejoice. The chairwoman spoke of extreme highs and lows of the SPD in the past year as well as of a disaster at the election and of a new situation after the jamaika-outs. Now eagerly awaiting the results of the member survey. "We have to be surprised. With our solidary attitude we will also get back into better waters", hopes the chairwoman.
For mayor german hacker, the change at the top of the party and in the key offices was necessary and right in view of a grand coalition after the federal election. The SPD had thus completed the forward-looking generation and personnel change in order to implement the party's substantive successes from the coalition negotiations.

No discussion of names

Alexandra hiersemann, member of the state parliament, looked ahead, saying that the SPD had run a highly motivated election campaign, but that the result had not lived up to what everyone had fought for. The members had also wished for a different strategic approach by the party in recent weeks. "But I want to make it clear: I am not taking part in the discussion about personnel issues and names that are currently flying through the air on a daily basis, this is not getting us anywhere", declared the delegate. People rightly expected the party to show itself reliable again.
The SPD will continue to fight against the sustained refusal of the CSU state government to implement federal requirements, such as work and training opportunities for fugitives in bavaria. Guidelines that were decided not least by the SPD participation in the last groko. The free state must also give project sponsors the opportunity to create long-term employment contracts and not lay the foundation for chain fixed-term contracts through the free state's practice of making demands here. The practice in the free state is in blatant discrepancy with the political sunday speeches of the CSU.

"Blurred guiding culture"

"And we will not allow the CSU, through the current bavarian minister of home affairs and the perhaps future federal minister of home affairs, to claim bavaria exclusively as its home. With their blurred and diffuse xenophobic guiding culture, they have not leased the bavarian and the french homeland for themselves. We bavarian social democrats also belong here", the member of the state parliament declared to applause.
Hiersemann also did not rule out a swing to the free voters. They are a bunch of individualists who do not have a unified line of thought. With them, you don't know what you'll get if you elect them to parliament. They wanted to be the most populist of the parties currently represented in the state parliament at all costs. Whether another faction will take this position from them in the state parliament in october 2018 is now up to the voters.
It is also the task of the SPD in bavaria not to allow more and more people to defect to this so-called alternative for germany "this association that is no alternative and that despises our constitutional state and our democracy". We need to talk to those who no longer feel that they are being taken seriously in this society. With: "on the flags of the labor movement was 'unity makes strong'. This cannot be reminded often enough. Above all, because social democracy is more important than ever for our country, which is changing more and more rapidly", hiersemann concluded her speech.

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