And the boomerang flies..

And the boomerang flies..

The youth summer vacation program in the community of altenkunstadt went into its next round. This time, the children and young people were given the opportunity to make a boomerang, which used to be the weapon of such well-known tribes as the aborigines. Gerhard kunze shows how it's done.

The oldest boomerangs made of wood were unearthed during excavations in australia, they are about 10 000 years old. Even older are boomerang finds, which were made from the stob tooth of a woolly mammoth, and even in agyptian burial chambers litter woods belonged to the grave goods. The traditional shape of a boomerang, explained gerhard kunze, resembles the letter "L"; however, there are now designs that have three and more "poor" ants. But all of them have a rather similar shape, which creates a dynamic buoyancy. It resembles the wing profile of an airplane. There were always two main distinctions: the hunting boomerangs, which could fly farther and more unerringly, and the so-called "return boomerangs" which returned to their launcher.

The latter were then immediately allowed to attack the girls and boys. Gerhard kunze decided not to use hardwood as usual, but plywood, which is easier to work with by children. Of course, the flight characteristics of the homemade boomerangs were also tested right away.

During a short visit, first mayor robert hummer was also pleased about the interest and thanked gerhard kunze for his efforts. 

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