Untersiemau has two new honorary burghers

Untersiemau has two new honorary burghers

With the two honorees appointed on thursday at the pre-christmas honorary session, the community has again reached the maximum number of five living honorary burghers prescribed by the statutes. The other three honorary citizens are: fritz werner finzel, arno stammberger and gunther kob. With whimsical words the latter took the two "in the circle of the ehrenburger-fraktion" at.
Thanking people who are particularly committed to the well-being of the community and its citizens is a special honor for him, said mayor rolf rosenbauer during the laudation. The two deserving citizens of mitburg are by no means "inflationary honors" and certainly not everyday or annual honors. The ehrenburgerwurde is the highest award that the municipality can bestow, he emphasized.

Helmut gelhaar focused on sound budget management during his three decades of honorary service on the town council. The reason for this will have been his job as district chamberlain. A contribution from helmut gelhaar has always carried weight. His commitment in various functions was versatile and far-sighted. Rosenbauer: "the name helmut gelhaar still stands today in the community as an example of friendliness, competence and commitment in politics and society."


Alexandra Hiersemann gives herself a fighting face

Alexandra Hiersemann gives herself a fighting face

How spectacularly the political situation can change within a year. A year ago, SPD supporters celebrated their hopeful martin schulz, and member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich arrived "completely inspired on the occasion of the political ash wednesday of the herzogenaurach SPD local association in the brewery inn heller.
This year, at least a record attendance at the event gave local chairwoman renate schroff reason to rejoice. The chairwoman spoke of extreme highs and lows of the SPD in the past year as well as of a disaster at the election and of a new situation after the jamaika-outs. Now eagerly awaiting the results of the member survey. "We have to be surprised. With our solidary attitude we will also get back into better waters", hopes the chairwoman.
For mayor german hacker, the change at the top of the party and in the key offices was necessary and right in view of a grand coalition after the federal election. The SPD had thus completed the forward-looking generation and personnel change in order to implement the party's substantive successes from the coalition negotiations.

No discussion of names

Alexandra hiersemann, member of the state parliament, looked ahead, saying that the SPD had run a highly motivated election campaign, but that the result had not lived up to what everyone had fought for. The members had also wished for a different strategic approach by the party in recent weeks. "But I want to make it clear: I am not taking part in the discussion about personnel issues and names that are currently flying through the air on a daily basis, this is not getting us anywhere", declared the delegate. People rightly expected the party to show itself reliable again.
The SPD will continue to fight against the sustained refusal of the CSU state government to implement federal requirements, such as work and training opportunities for fugitives in bavaria. Guidelines that were decided not least by the SPD participation in the last groko. The free state must also give project sponsors the opportunity to create long-term employment contracts and not lay the foundation for chain fixed-term contracts through the free state's practice of making demands here. The practice in the free state is in blatant discrepancy with the political sunday speeches of the CSU.


A man for all “traps”

A man for all 'traps

Dangling 140 meters high in the air – even henry salwender was scared out of his mind. “At least the first time”, the agile industrial climber admits with a laugh. But that was years ago. Meanwhile, he doesn’t do wind turbine repair and cleaning anymore. As a so-called rotor blade service mechanic, he was on the road throughout germany from 2012 to 2014. In the meantime, he has set up his own company in coburg: sonderzweck – arbeitsschutz& safety. When it comes to rescue operations and safety training in wind turbines, he is only there as a trainer.

Safe on the high shelf

His real concern is occupational safety. Saving people and helping them to avoid accidents is close to the 52-year-old’s heart. As a rescue paramedic with the BRK in bad rodach, that’s his daily bread. As an industrial climber, he is particularly interested in ensuring greater safety in high-bay warehouses, in stage construction and in event technology. He is already offering training courses on protective equipment against falls from a height.


Mourning for Heinz Losert

Mourning for heinz losert

The fubballers in the lichtenfels district mourn heinz losert, who died this week at the age of 69. Losert lived in mistelfeld and is survived by his wife anna.

He is known to the people of lichtenfels as a long-time employee of the city, where he worked for 37 years. When he retired in 2014, he was foreman of the building yard.


Deutsche bank may have to set aside less capital

Deutsche bank may have to set aside less capital

According to the latest statement of the international financial stability board (FSB), the premium for systemic importance will be only 2.0 percentage points instead of 2.5 percentage points, as recently envisaged. This is shown in a table published on monday by the financial stability council.

Currently, only HSBC and jpmorgan are classified in the so-called category 4, which in future will have to hold 2.5 percentage points more capital than other banks. A year ago, the german bank was also classified in this category by the FSB. Now, like citigroup, they fell back into the third group. The building is also home to the british bank barclays and the french bank BNP paribas.


Ready for the worst

The fire department has to be ready for action around the clock, and that’s why the herzogenaurach firefighters recently conducted a 24-hour training exercise. 38 participants aged between 13 and 62 were in action.

It all started with a spectacular traffic accident in burgstall at the spitzer company with two cars involved in the accident, one truck and four people to be rescued. The next stop was the meisel car recycling plant, where an explosion caused by excavator work left several burns and several people injured. Around midnight, the third call-out, this time without the youngsters. The task was to find a father and son in a forest stump between beutelsdorf and hammerbach, who had gotten lost in the darkness.


Verdi negotiates with ryanair about German flight attendants

Verdi negotiates with ryanair about german flight attendants

The trade union verdi says it will begin negotiations this wednesday on a national collective bargaining agreement with the irish low-cost carrier.

The central demands include a substantial pay increase, verdi announced in berlin on monday. Due to seasonal fluctuations and a lack of flight hour guarantees, even some full-time employees could only receive up to 1,000 euros gross per month as a base salary.


Carina i. Reigns now “reitschwiese”

Carina i. Reigns now

Now the bell on the jester's cap rang again: the "fidelia had the carnival kick-off in the "krone saal invited and all came to see the new princess. But the "fidelia" made it exciting again: nothing had been leaked, the fools had to be patient and first had to play foolish games in order to unravel click by click the portrait of the new regent.

"Fidelia"-chairman matthias buhner had, as one would expect from the "fidelia", a very good time the dance guard of the "blue hussars" is used to brought along, in order to accompany the gentlemen elferrate with narhalla march on its advice bar and with a lively guard dance for tendency in the resounds to provide. He buried the local celebrities and shouted to the oberburgermeister that the "fidelia" he has purchased a new lighting system with energy-saving LED lamps, which is why he is paying the rent for the "krone halle" but clearly had to lower.


Musical world tour with the sparrows

The choir community frohsinn nudlingen and the children's choir, the "nudlinger spatzen", invited to the old school on sunday afternoon for a colorful afternoon of songs. It was held for the second time and the initiator, conductor karin kiesewetter, was very pleased that it was a complete success. Chairwoman angela buban buried the numerous guests in the fully occupied gastronomy rooms of the old school. Among them were parents and grandparents of the children's choir.

The "nudlinger spatzen" performed for the second time in their home country and showed, without any fear of the limelight, that they really enjoy singing in a group. They were supported by the adults of the choir community, as well as by the pianist lena ney and choir director karin kiesewetter. Positive feelings were conveyed by the lively "sparrows", as well as communicated by the adult choristers.


“New age” in weismain

Attentive motorists in particular noticed it immediately in weismain on friday, shortly after 10 a.M.: after around two years of construction work, the road works department employees had removed the barrier signs from the new bypass.

The traffic on the bypass road in weismain was now able to move, because the traffic circles had been completed, the traffic lights had been installed and all the other signage had been created in such a way that a "new era" had begun of the road traffic in weismain could begin.