Award for concert series

With the "sundowner – cultural picnic" series of events in hochstadt’s wave outdoor pool the city was named one of the ten most innovative music venues in the region in corona times by the VR-bank erlangen hochstadt herzogenaurach. This is what susanne bayer from the city administration communicates.

On six sunday evenings in the summer, the cultural management of the town of hochstadt, under the direction of susanne bayer, offered live music at family-friendly prices in the unmistakably picturesque setting of hochstadt’s open-air wave pool (we reported). From classical music to vocal and wind ensembles to rock and party music, there was something for many tastes. Demand was correspondingly high, and four events were sold out long beforehand. One of the meetings, which had to be cancelled due to rain, was made up for. The organizing team proved that demanding musical performances are possible even under corona conditions.

This resourcefulness and commitment was recognized by the VR-bank erlangen hochstadt herzogenaurach with its music challenge award "we listen to the region, but with corona many things are different!".

In explaining the reasons for the visit, those responsible wrote: "corona has shown us all that so many things in life that seemed important to us are ultimately of secondary importance. The crisis has taught us what really counts in life: health, family, friends and joy. Corona has also shown us what we all sorely miss. Culture, music, events and, of course, the many artists and cultural workers who enrich our lives."

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