Baby boom in the regiomed clinics

Baby boom in the regiomed clinics

In 2019, more children were born in the regiomed group than in years: a total of 2450 boys and girls were born in the hospitals of the regiomed clinics in coburg, hildburghausen, lichtenfels and sonneberg – that's 86 more babies than in the previous year, according to the hospital group.

And this positive trend has been apparent for some time now: within the last five years, regiomed has recorded an increase of around 200 births.

All-round care

The hospital group also sees this baby boom as a sign of the "excellent work of the gynecology and obstetrics department at regiomed". More and more women, also from the surrounding counties, decided to give birth in one of the regiomed clinics. The young mothers particularly appreciated the familiar atmosphere and the personal support on site – whether in coburg, hildburghausen, lichtenfels or sonneberg. Thanks to close cooperation with the pediatricians at regiomed's medical care centers – for example, in the case of prenatal examinations – mother and child received professional all-round care close to home even after the birth, without having to travel long distances for it.

Level 1 perinatal center

But also the certainty of being in good hands, in case not everything goes according to plan, is an important decision criterion for a birth at regiomed: with the level 1 perinatal center at the coburg hospital, the nationwide hospital network is also excellently positioned with regard to high-risk pregnancies and premature births.

According to regiomed, specialists from the fields of gynecology and pediatrics work together in the perinatal center under the direction of neonatologists, physicians who specialize in the care of premature and newborn infants. This meant that mother and child could be ideally cared for, especially in the event of complications. The level 1 standard of the center ensures that even very small premature babies with a birth weight of less than 1250 grams receive the best possible medical care and support at all times. Regiomed thus offers the "highest professional and technical prerequisites for the care of high-risk pregnancies and premature births close to home. Mother and fetus also benefited from the constant exchange of knowledge and experience as well as from the cooperation with experts from other hospitals.

Positive trend continues

And the baby boom in the regiomed clinics continues: 91 newborns have already seen the light of day in the first two weeks of the new year, according to the hospital association – after the positive result for the past year, a similarly strong birth year seems to be on the way in 2020.

"We are very happy about the continuous increase in the number of births", explains regiomed chief executive officer alexander schmidtke. "On behalf of all colleagues from the obstetrics department, I would therefore like to thank all families who have again placed their trust in us in 2019 and have decided to give birth at regiomed.

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