Berlin: policeman (54) dragged along seventy meters on the run – almost 12 years in prison for thief

A car thief who dragged and seriously injured a berlin police officer as he fled has been sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail. The regional court sentenced the 29-year-old man on monday (19. March 2018) guilty, among other things, of attempted murder. The thief had recognized that a human was attached to the vehicle he had just stolen, but had stripped it and tried to escape, the judges found. The 54-year-old police officer was so severely injured in the attack in berlin-lichtenberg in august 2015 that he is still not fit for duty today.

Defendant had confessed

The court's verdict went beyond the prosecutor's request, which had called for nine years and six months in prison for attempted manslaughter, among other charges. The defense counsel had not made a specific request for punishment, the defendant had confessed.

He was like in a tunnel and under the influence of drugs, the man explained. He was also found guilty of gang theft, hit-and-run and resisting arrest. In addition, the court imposed a four-year driver's license suspension and ordered the defendant to be placed in a detention center after serving part of his sentence.

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