Building yard and fire department move together

building yard and fire department move together

The municipality of gadheim is planning to build a new, joint domicile below the school in gadheim for the municipality’s building yard and for the gadheim-ottendorf volunteer fire department. The municipal council was informed in its meeting on monday evening that the cost is a good two million euros.

Rainer kitzinger of the engineering firm of the same name in wulflingen explained that, due to the slope of the site, a terraced building on three levels was planned. While the building yard will occupy the upper part of the building and the fire department will use the lowest wing, the middle part will be available to both. For the building yard, a vehicle hall, storage rooms, a washing area, changing rooms and sanitary facilities, workshops, parking spaces, offices (also for the mayor) and a roofed open area are planned.

Only for employees of the building yard

The access to the building is only possible for the employees of the building yard. The fire department will have three parking spaces, sanitary facilities, a commandant’s office, a dry room, a flat for practical exercises, washing areas, storage rooms, workshops, parking spaces and rooms for the hose maintenance facility. In addition, the building services will be housed on this floor. The mezzanine has a large training room, sanitary facilities, a tea room, a lounge, a room for the youth fire brigade and a terrace.

On the green flat roofs should also be erected appropriate photovoltaic systems. When rainer kitzinger put the construction costs at 2.032 million euros, the costs for the outdoor facilities at 16,900 euros and the costs for the furnishings at 80,000 euros, the councillors had to swallow for a moment. "That’s quite a number, according to mayor peter kraus (CSU) "but there is still some room to move downwards." It is still necessary to talk with the fire department about possible savings, but in principle all rooms are necessary according to the regulations. The grant for the construction of the fire department building amounts to about 200,000 euros and the firefighters are ready to cooperate actively.

"I am firmly convinced that we will be under two million euros and that we will be able to shoulder it", the mayor explained in response to udo knauer’s question as to whether the municipality could afford it. Knauer, like the second mayor, doris scheller-graf, demanded sound financial planning for the next ten years, since the municipality also has to cope with the extension to the kindergarten, replacement purchases for the fire department, sewer renovation in grebhausen or necessary road repairs.

Alexander brehm, an employee in the building yard, emphasized that it was hardly possible to work sensibly in the current building yard. Not only was the space very cramped and the sanitary facilities more than unreasonable, but also certain regulations had to be observed. "The investment is not only necessary for the fire department", he said.

Erwin sperber interjected into the discussion that already at the end of last year costs of 1.8 million euro had been assumed and that the latest figures should not frighten anyone. In the end, mayor kraus agreed to present a financial plan in the next meeting and only then to vote on the grant application.

New vehicles for the fire brigade

What had led to the lively discussion was also the presentation of the vehicle concept for the gadheim-ottendorf fire department, which was presented by district fire chief ralf dressel. Dressel described the merger of the fire departments from gadheim and ottendorf as very positive, and the new joint fire department has a young and highly motivated team. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on the fire brigade and the increasingly heavy equipment, the ageing vehicles were to be replaced step by step.

A replacement for the team transport vehicle from 1997 has already been ordered for the beginning of 2020. For the two 26- and 27-year-old LF8/6 fire fighting vehicles, dressel suggested that a HLF10 fire fighting vehicle for a crew of nine should be purchased in 2023, and a GW-L1 logistics truck for six people in 2027. Although the HLF10 could only be driven with a truck driver’s license, there was no alternative.

The possible cost of the HLF10 dressel estimated at about 310,000 euros without loading, with a grant of 87,200 euros to be expected here. A new GW-L1 could cost around 120,000 euros, and the grant for this was 33,600 euros.

Mayor kraus made it clear that the cost estimate was "pure speculation" because, for example, he did not want to spend 310,000 euros on a HLF10. But vehicle concept is prerequisite for request for new fire station, he said. Also, the concept was correct from the point of view of the fire department supervisor. Of course, the community could also participate in the acquisition of the truck driver’s license. In the end, the municipal council approved the concept.

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