Carina i. Reigns now “reitschwiese”

Carina i. Reigns now

Now the bell on the jester's cap rang again: the "fidelia had the carnival kick-off in the "krone saal invited and all came to see the new princess. But the "fidelia" made it exciting again: nothing had been leaked, the fools had to be patient and first had to play foolish games in order to unravel click by click the portrait of the new regent.

"Fidelia"-chairman matthias buhner had, as one would expect from the "fidelia", a very good time the dance guard of the "blue hussars" is used to brought along, in order to accompany the gentlemen elferrate with narhalla march on its advice bar and with a lively guard dance for tendency in the resounds to provide. He buried the local celebrities and shouted to the oberburgermeister that the "fidelia" he has purchased a new lighting system with energy-saving LED lamps, which is why he is paying the rent for the "krone halle" but clearly had to lower.

Local portrait as orden
"By more than half" the head of the city replied glibly, but not entirely seriously, to the applause of the packed hall. After that there were decorations galore: for the friends of the BTC from garitz, for deserving active members and for last year's princess daniela lorenz, to whom chairman buhner attested an intensive and extremely successful regency. This year's medal speaks for true love of one's homeland: a golden heart frames a portrait of a place with the – dialectally formulated – engraved confession: "our homeland is reitschwiese"!"

Carina leads into the session
But then it became exciting. Moderator alexander pusch called for a qualifying match, in which visitors drawn by lot were invited to play "tele-tennis" amidst loud hollering loud electronic hits had to be conducted. It was left to the winners of the duels, in a kind of "dalli klick", to decide the winner guess the princess. With each quiz question drawn, a piece of the puzzle was uncovered, until at last carina ehrenberg became visible in a fine, burgundy dream dress and entered the hall to the cheers of the reitschwiesen jesters. Session president buhner introduced them as the cornerstone of the "fidelia" which is not to be excluded for many years from the guard dance scene of the association.

Framed by the prinzengarde, whose colors were appropriately reflected in her robe, she charmingly buried the visitors. With so much grace, even the brand-new, bright red jackets of the eleven-rate faded away, which bjorn schonwiesner later glossed over in his butt.

Order of the carnival association
As the first official act, the princess was then allowed to present the session order of the "fidelia" the honorary members hermine and siegfried albert and together with michael ank of the fastnachtsverband franken awarded three deserving active members with the order of merit of the federation: walter fahry, for two decades responsible for assembly and disassembly and operation of the lighting system; and sabine metz, who danced in all the gardens for over 20 years and was also princess, board member and guard trainer. Marco seufert has been an active member of the council since 1999, but was unable to accept the medal in person due to illness.

To the foolish finale then the prinzengarde, one of the notice boards of the "fidelia" trumped, before master of ceremonies alexander pusch invited the people to the richly decorated "fidelia bar" to the foolish conclusion asked.

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