Competition for the planned burgerhaus

The property at hauptstrabe 13 is to be converted into a burgher’s house as part of the city’s urban development plan. In the search for the best possible design, the majority of the municipal council decided at the meeting on tuesday evening to launch a competition, the procedure for which, however, must be accompanied by a planning office. In response to the call for tenders, two offices applied and presented their ideas at the meeting.

Thomas wieden from the planning office holl-wieden from wurzburg and gregor baumle from the architecture and urban planning office baumle from darmstadt presented their offices, explained the procedure in a competition process and their focus in their accompanying activities. This includes the EU-wide invitation to tender, the determination of the basic principles on the basis of the community’s vision for the redesign of the auditorium, the preparation of the tender documents, the determination of the field of participants, the issuing of the competition documents and the submission of the initial bids. These can be corrected after a possible inspection of the land and the answering of questions.

A panel of judges makes a preliminary assessment after a preliminary meeting and holds a meeting for shortlisting. The procedure also allows for the publication of the individual plan proposals. According to thomas wieden, the process should take about ten to twelve months. In response to questions from the council, he informed that the specifications of the municipality must be included in the planning "and also what costs will be incurred during the conversion". The costs for the procedure – "also the price judges cost money" – were indicated by the representatives with approximately 100,000 euro, whereby a demand of approximately 60 per cent comes to bear. The ultimately selected planning office will carry out the performance phases "if the government has also approved". According to baumle, the procedure should be completed before the summer vacations of 2019 "and the preliminary planning is very important for the economic viability of the transformation of the present".

It was also important to interest as many planning offices as possible in the competition, "because the greater the number of bidders, the greater the opportunities for comparing the plans. In response to questions from the floor, he commented on the jury’s decision on the three winning bidders, saying that as a rule, "if the bid price is right, the winning bidder gets the contract.". The municipality can, of course, ask for the price quotations of the contractors "and then decide". In the brief discussion on the topic of "competition or a contract with a planning office", mayor doris paul pointed out that the responsible office of the government of lower franconia had also recommended the competition procedure.

Reinhard hubner emphasized that the preservation of the building should be taken into account as far as possible in the planning for the redesign of the present, and he was skeptical about whether this could be achieved with the competition procedure. Harald hohn saw the high costs for the procedure on the one hand, but on the other hand the chance to find a good solution for the reconstruction with several planning offers. The two bids of the accompanying bureaus holl-wieden and baumle must now be submitted to the government of lower franconia.

Under the item "information", the mayor announced that the bark beetle had raged in a pine stand in the wiesenbronn community forest and that a large amount of wood had to be removed from the forest, "some of which can be sold". Because of the kafer infestation, the wood must now be stored about 500 meters away from the forest. After max bartholl, the forester responsible for the community forest, has returned to his native soil, wiesenbronn will have a new forester, "who is yet to be introduced," the mayor announced.

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