Couple of mourning swans get along “splendidly”

Couple of mourning swans get along 'splendidly'

They were paired up via a personal ad – and they harmonize perfectly: two mourning swans that live near rosenau castle near coburg in bavaria have left their winter quarters and are once again in the park.

The couple is doing well and gets along "splendidly", said a spokeswoman of the schlosser administration.

The initially sad love story of the mourning swan of rosenau castle had caused a sensation throughout germany last summer: one animal had been killed by a fox, and the partner was left alone. In the search for a new mourning swan, the schlosser administration launched an appeal that even found resonance in great britain and new zealand. Finally a breeder from ingolstadt offered the suitable new partner.

Around the settlement of mourning swans often legends entwine. The black animals of rosenau castle are said to have been brought to the park by the british queen victoria as a sign of mourning after the death of her husband albert. The coburg prince was born in the castle in 1819.

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