Digital compass for seniors

The so-called digital compass location for all questions about the internet was opened in the multigenerational house (MGH) of the awo-treff bad rodach these days. This is intended to help older people on their way into the internet and the digital world as part of the nationwide "digital compass" project support and guidance should be offered, as mobile internet use via smartphone and tablet is increasing, especially among seniors. After all, 79 percent of those aged 60 to 69 and 45 percent of those over 70 are now online. The german workers’ welfare association (awo) has therefore taken the step of accompanying the elderly in the digitalization process. Bad rodach is now one of the eleven bavarian digital compass locations. There are dedicated people who are trained in the daily use of advice and the internet and who pass on their knowledge.

"Who wouldn’t want to communicate with old friends or distant relatives, or share the lives of their children and grandchildren by video phone??", asked the speaker, guido steinke from the consumer initiative.

"We want to explain the world of digital media to seniors so they can use it to shape their personal lives. This includes video telephony, buying cheaper tickets on the german railroads and convenient travel booking from home," says lazanakis, MGH manager nicole voigt described the goals. Dav

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