Doris leithner-bisani is running again

Doris leithner-bisani promised to do everything in her power to keep the market interesting for the young generation and to keep them in the area. This also includes the expansion and provision of high-speed DSL. That makes the market town more attractive and more homely. She will continue to act with diligence and deliberation in order to ensure successful politics in the next six years.

She is particularly proud of the fact that despite several tree removals, the debt at the end of 2014 was only 910000 euros and could be significantly reduced to 920 euros per capita.

The mayoress then also gave an outline of all the measures taken during the current legislative period. She expressed her special thanks to the honorary chairman and deputy mayor fred popp "for the great support". She regretted that he is no longer willing to run on the list of candidates for the market town council.

A mammoth project
The mayor made it clear that the expansion of the upper market street, with costs of around 600,000 euros, is a mammoth project for the municipality without any subsidies. There will also be a residents' meeting on this subject.

On the district council list of the CSU, the market community will be represented by doris leithner-bisani and thorsten schwieder.

The mayor assured for the future, with the involvement of all citizens, to make the market community fit for the future. "Only together will we succeed in moving our market community forward."

The mayor described the further reduction of the debt and the securing of the elementary school in ludwigschorgast as the most important tasks.

Only eight municipal councils left
Doris Leithner-Bisani pointed out that due to the decreased number of inhabitants in the future only eight and no longer twelve councillors belong to the committee.

The third mayor of the city of kulmbach, frank wilzok, spoke of a balanced list and a strong mayoral candidate. The CSU ludwigschorgast can be proud of many great results in various elections and of what has been achieved locally.

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