Ebersbach community center is filled to capacity

Ebersbach community center is filled to capacity

Half of the town came – a unique reception for the FT event "at home". Editor josef hofbauer had an easy job moderating the evening, because ebersbach offers enough topics to talk about – from wind power to the west bypass, from youth clubs to club friends. Local councillor wilhelm schmitt (GDG) took advantage of the situation and collected donations for a last plantation. 900 euros were collected in no time at all.
Neunkirchen's mayor heinz richter (G) was also pleased with the good attendance, after being criticized in the town council for the dimensions of the building: "it's great that the room is full to capacity even before the inauguration." His wish: that the church would be just as full on sunday for the festive service.

W-questions occupy the burghers

He had been a bit queasy before the evening in ebersbach. Heinz richter, the mayor of neunkirchen, did not expect a standing ovation for his person – despite the joy in the district over the new community center, which the market community helped to finance to a large extent. Not all of ebersbach's worries have been eliminated by any means with the gebaude. Fire department commander jurgen braun's wish to finally get a replacement for the 1969 fire truck is the smallest of his problems. The W-questions are much trickier: wind turbine and west bypass.

Wind turbine too close to the site

Many ebersbacher agreed with the chairman of the farmers' association, johannes zollner, who said: "the priority area for wind power is too close to ebersbach"." The wind farm on the planned site near ebersbach is just about sufficient for the project.
Richter emphasized that he was very cautious about the issue, but that he stood behind the decision of the town council. The latter had spoken out in favor of neunkirchen becoming involved in renewable energies and participating in the citizens' cooperative, which wants to profit from wind turbines in the area in question. However: "the state of affairs is, so far no investor has concretely secured a flat."
The issue of the western bypass of neunkirchen was even more controversial. The local councillor and local spokesman wilhelm schmitt (GDG) immediately clarified: "the route is closer to ebersbach than the 300 meters indicated by the mayor. And of course we in ebersbach are against this route." He was sure to receive a round of applause from the burghers. Neunkirchen has "sold itself and the route moved through more and more building areas into the ebersbach meadows. The project is now planned for 2025, so schmitt hopes the "state will run out of money by then."

Mayor wants the route

Richter remains calm but resolute, even though jager roger hollfelder criticizes the new strabe's "very good wildlife population" massive danger here. Rather, richter wants to ensure that the project can be realized before 2025 by financing the zoning procedure. Point. The listeners swallowed, but did not go to the barricades. And richter had survived the thorny issues.

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