Fans travel from half of Europe

Fans travel from half of europe

When international top-class acts like millencolin from sweden or russkaja from vienna make kronach’s fortress walls shake on saturday, the meanwhile biggest festival in the region of upper franconia and south thuringia will be starting up. All 2600 tickets for "festung rockt the tickets sold like hot cakes – even abroad to england, the czech republic, austria and switzerland. "Unbelievable, insane! No one expected such an onslaught", says samuel rauch, head of the youth and culture center "struwwelpeter organizes the festival.

The reasons for the great demand are obvious: a great atmosphere, top musical acts, an excellent organization – and all this for a reasonable ticket price, for which you had to pay much more elsewhere. "No festival without sponsoring – at least not at such prices", samuel rauch points out. Fortunately, for the first time, we were able to gain a main sponsor in the form of the weber machine factory, which will continue to support the festival in the coming years.

"We support ‘festung rockt’ because it is a festival for all people in this region. It’s great when international bands play in kronach. In the past, you had to travel several hundred kilometers for such festivals; today you have one right outside your door", ludwig weber, member of the management board of maschinenfabrik weber, is delighted. "The event has taken a huge development. What is achieved here cannot be overestimated", notes ludwig weber.

According to samuel rauch, there are more than 100 young people and adults who volunteer in the run-up to the festival as well as on the main day itself – from band selection to poster design and band support. "Fortress rocks is also a broadly conceived cultural-pedagogical project, stresses the "struwwel-ladder. As he explains, one third of the tickets were sold abroad; about two thirds went to upper franconia and south thuringia.
In times of a shortage of skilled workers, weber naturally also hopes to inspire young people to join the company. Andreas ehnes, who is mainly responsible for marketing at weber, emphasizes, however, that they want to hold back on advertising on site. The festival should be the center of attention, weber adds.

He is sure that kronach has a lot to offer in principle. This refers, on the one hand, to the cultural offerings, whereby – in proportion to the size of the district or the number of inhabitants – the festival does not need to hide behind larger cities. He is thinking, for example, of the existing concert program, but also of "kronach leuchtet", "crana historica" or the free push. He said it was particularly important to emphasize that a lot of the work was done on his own initiative and on a voluntary basis.

"I think it’s great that our festival is valued so highly by the business community", samuel rauch is pleased. The festival is a signboard far beyond the region", he points out. But unfortunately this is not always perceived in this way. The anticipation of him and his team for the spectacle is huge. "We are ready and eager to start", he beams and hopes for a gigantic and equally peaceful festival as in the past years.

All visitors are reminded that on saturday there will be no parking at the fortress. Rather, the parking lots in the city and in the parking garages are to be approached.

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