Festive wind sound in the monastery church

festive wind sound in the monastery church

The festive brass concert of the musikverein hohenroth on the day of the epiphany brought the "boschemer winterwochen" to a close. The klosterkirche at the kreuzberg was full to capacity. So full that chairs had to be brought in and placed in the aisles. But still many visitors had to stand to listen to the concert.

Not only for the visitors, but also for the musicians, the concert has become a beloved tradition, emphasized ursula enders, who led through the program. She gave further information about the pieces and the music band. It was a magnificent sight, the more than 50 musicians of all ages grouped in the sanctuary and on the steps, and the full church. "We don’t have that every day", father georg andlinger was also pleased about the success of the musical performances at the kreuzberg. He assured the visitors that their presence at the concerts around the year would also make the kreuzberg a cultural place in the rhon.

Some pieces from the annual concert

As in every year, the band performed some pieces from the annual concert, which traditionally takes place on the eve of the 1. Advent in hohenroth took place. Conductor michael baumgart added some festive pieces to the program for the kreuzberg and thus put together a broad and varied program. Ursula enders invited the audience to a wonderful musical journey, where they could dive into the world of harmony and music.

The concert opened with the stucco "signature" of the belgian composer jan van der roost. The concert continued with "alpina saga" by thomas doos, who escaped into the sublime world of the mountains and described a mountain hike in all its splendor and danger with valleys, alpine pastures, and narrow ascents up to a crystal-clear starry night in front of a mountain hut. The film music for "the rose, the unforgotten film about the life of the legendary blues singer janis joplin, contains some musical gems, among them the enchanting title song by amanda mcbroom. Soloist wilfried fleckenstein was heard on the piccolo trumpet.

Louis kaiser shows

Always a pleasure to listen to and play: "nessaja by peter maffay. "I never wanted to grow up…", a piece that touched and made you think. The tuba was the focus of "tuba concerto espanol by kurt gable. Louis kaiser showed his skills as a soloist in this spirited work with spanish color, which impressively emphasized the tuba’s agility as a solo instrument.

The hohenrother "musikus and conductor of the hergolshauser musikanten, rudi fischer, wrote the piece "the secret of the rhon" arranged. In connection with his homeland, he and his wife ute sang about the "beautiful mountains and the high mats on the back of the rhon". The melody escaped to the hochrhon, through the moor, over the wasserkuppe to the kreuzberg. The piece "advent at the lake was written in 2015 on the occasion of the annual advent singing of the church choir hohenroth and describes the idyll, the contemplative mood from the point of view of the composer rudi fischer at the hohenroth lake. Ursula enders invited the audience to take a walk on the pfarrer-mergenthaler-weg to watch the sunlight dancing on the rippling waves.

Encore on the way into the new year

No three-concert performance by the hohenrothers on the kreuzberg without "three hazelnuts for ash brodel. "Every year again, because it’s just too much", the presenter enthused about the beautiful melody that is as much a part of christmas as the little square and the fir tree. The musicians wanted to say goodbye to their audience with the piece, but this was not possible without an encore. They played the festive chorale "bist du bei mir" by bach and "one moment in time, the rough melody with touching lyrics from 1988, sung by whitney houston at the opening of the olympic games. The motivation of this song, the belief in the hope that all the dreams one cherishes will eventually be fulfilled, that all the hard work will eventually pay off, is what the musicians gave their audience to take with them into the new year.

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