First comes the auditorium

First comes the auditorium

The 50 year old assembly hall and the toilets are to be demolished. The gym from the 1970s will also be torn down, along with the dressing rooms. Before that, dust walls will be pulled in to minimize the impact on the rest of the school building. The elementary and middle school with its eleven classes and 225 students will probably have to live with the construction site for a while.

In the first phase of construction, the municipality of frensdorf has set its sights on the renovation and renovation of the auditorium with a multi-purpose room, new toilet facilities and the redesign of the playground. The conversion is to create a multipurpose room that can be separated from the auditorium with a sliding wall.

Rough event space

Together with the auditorium, there will then be a large event room available, which can be used for the school, for parents' evenings, performances, dismissal ceremonies and the like. The playground is to be redesigned and will then also extend over the area of the existing gymnasium. This first construction phase will be completed according to the estimates of the bamberger architekturburo jungkunst& partner will consume about 1.6 million euros. The renovation of the school wcs is, in the opinion of the community as well as the school management, the most urgent measure to be taken. "Even when I went to school, there was a very unpleasant smell", said a father who wished to remain anonymous. Now his daughter already attends the school.

Principal rudolf dill was involved in the planning of the renovation from the very beginning. He has already thought through the restructuring necessary for the construction period. During the construction phase, schools are to use the toilets in the new gymnasium. Instead of their usual playground, the elementary school students will move to the main school playground or to the all-weather field. In the course of the renovation, the school sports facility, which is located somewhat outside the town, is also to be brought up to scratch. This means that the running track will be overhauled and a new long jump facility will be built.

Total cost: 4.5 million

With the approval of this year's municipal budget by the supervisory authority, the tree removal is also considered approved, declared mayor jakobus kotzner (active electoral list) at the meeting of the municipal council. At the moment, the planners for heating, sanitary and electrical systems, as well as the structural engineer are determining the data. After the presentation of the statics planning, the tender should take place in june. The awarding of the construction work is planned for the beginning of july. After this first construction phase, the renovation of the west wing of the school is planned as a second phase. Together with the remodeling and expansion of the administrative area in the northeast wing, the cost of the entire concept is estimated at about 4.5 million euros.

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