“Fos is a huge opportunity for the region”

He had spruced himself up – after all, he is "number 1 of the rennsteig-fachoberschule (FOS) in ludwigsstadt. And finally, it was the first time he answered questions for a film: christian schmidt is the first student to enroll in the rennsteig-fachoberschule (technical high school).
There was no sign of any limelight fever on sunday afternoon when he answered moderator florian schroder's questions in the town hall. 16 years old. He became aware of the FOS through a newspaper report. A few days later, the young man reported, he had inquired with mayor timo ehrhardt (SPD) and attended information evenings in the town hall.
For him, the FOS in ludwigsstadt has several advantages. On the one hand, there was the short way, because he was from ludwigsstadt. He continues to expect good prospects, because in addition to a sound school education, he has practical lessons.

Plans for the future

After leaving school, the young man wanted to complete a dual course of study in mechanical engineering with a parallel apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic "because I enjoy working in the workshop". At the same time, he could also climb the career ladder a bit higher with a dual education.
He thinks it's a great thing that the industry is on board. "This allows me to make contacts", schmidt emphasized. He also sees good opportunities to realize his career goals with a company in the region. He has already learned that internships are included in the curriculum if a subject arouses a student's interest.

"A good thing

In any case, the project is a good thing, because he thinks that "the establishment of a technical high school will keep some people in their home town.
In the meantime, he has also found out about the timetable. In his "technology" branch – physics, chemistry, computer science, technical drawing and mathematics were the main subjects taught. In the practical subjects, various materials and processes were dealt with in more detail. He is convinced that the FOS in ludwigsstadt is a huge opportunity for the region.
Mayor timo erhardt now hopes that the necessary 15 students will register by september so that the project can finally get off the ground. Not least to recruit schools and make parents aware of this educational institution, the film is being made. The client is the partner, the sabelschule from saalfeld.

More shooting days

Two more days of shooting are now to take place. The final result will be a five-minute film that can be viewed on the homepage of the rennsteig communities and the FOS am rennsteig. Also the actors julia eder and daniel breitfelder will conduct interviews on the spot.
The sabelschule now has nine locations in germany. Since fall 2010, it has had a film and television studio in munich.
The moderator, florian schroder, was enthusiastic, because he had never before experienced that the industry was so involved in the establishment of a school.

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