Fountain house and larchenweg in the construction area

The prichsenstadt city council determined street names in the ziegelgarten VI residential area. Development planned for spring.

The new ziegelgarten VI development area in prichsenstadt is scheduled for completion in the spring with 22 plots of land. In order to register the results of the surveys and the new land plot in the land register, the city council decided on the names of the streets and the house numbers in its most recent meeting.

The future neuburgers live on the road to the well house and on the larchen road. Zur brunnenstube is the perpendicular southward continuation of the existing street of the same name from the residential area above. "That’s why it makes sense to name it that way," said burgermeister rene schlehr from. The second road is planned as a ring road and should have been called either larchenweg or eichenweg.

Possible alternative

Alternatively, schlehr had named the road hugo-knauer-ring, in memory of the honorary burgher who died in march 2010. The former elementary school principal had been honored for many activities, among others as municipal clerk of bimbach, as town councilor and second mayor. He is also a bearer of the ring of honor of the city of prichsenstadt. Naming a street in this residential area after him met with little approval from the councilors.

Helpful names

Ursula reiche, for example, advocated the use of a "tree name". For the roads of the construction area are planned in such a way that it can be enlarged. "When i was out at night on house calls and drove into a settlement with street names like flowers, it helped me a lot to quickly find the right street," says the retired doctor. What would hardly be necessary in this day and age with navigation devices, according to one of the counter-arguments. Nevertheless, the "tree names" prevailed, and were accepted by a vote of 9:5.

Both the motion of the third mayor martin ebert, who had named the ring after hugo knauer (12:2 rejected), and the motion of helmut happel, who had even introduced three street names, were rejected.

Further topics of the council

The adoption of the 2019 budget of the hospital foundation of the city of prichsenstadt was a purely formal matter. With income and expenses, the budget comes to 109 550 euros. Loans for investments are not foreseen. Cash credit is estimated at 5000 euro. After no questions to kammerer marco, the council unanimously approved the budget.

From the agenda

The application of the munch energie company from rugendorf was dealt with more quickly. The company had liked to build a flat photovoltaic plant in stadelschwarzach, with a gross of 4.5 hectares and a power of 3.5 megawatts. The mayor had obtained an opinion from the district administration office. He could have saved himself the trouble, because helmut hummer had pointed out to him shortly before the meeting that the council had passed a resolution in principle in 2010.

At the time, after a similar request, the council decided that there would be no urban land use planning or zoning for such photovoltaic systems. After no one in the council made any move to change this basic decision, the mayor took the item off the agenda.

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