Four building plots are designated in advance

four building plots are designated in advance

After the summer break, the dominant topic at the municipal council meeting was the creation of a development plan for the "honingser strabe III" building area. Jurgen sauer from the planning office sauer + harrer presented the advantages and disadvantages of an early designation of individual building plots in honingser strabe to the members of the community council.
The advantages of these four building plots are that they can be built on ahead of time and that no flood compensation or compensation areas are needed in the short term. As a disadvantage of this partial closure he mentioned that two separate procedures have to be carried out with a considerably higher cost volume. In addition, agreements on the assumption of the procedural and development costs are absolutely necessary via an urban development contract. A problem will also be the traffic situation of the future access road to the east. The honingser strabe is already so overloaded that it is necessary to create a connection to the frankisch-schweiz-strabe.

What about flood protection?

Sauer also pointed out that the drainage of the surface water has not been clarified and that a hydraulic calculation of the combined sewer should be carried out.
Jochen dusel (CSU) renewed his concerns about partial development: "it makes more sense to plan the entire development area in its entirety with a clean development in a separate system", he urged. In addition, flood protection is not taken into account with this partial development, quite apart from the fact that a later development in an orderly form is no longer possible. Hans Knetzger also fears that higher development costs could be incurred if the development plan is drawn up later on. "However, we should give the young developers the opportunity to build now, despite the problems that will arise later in the implementation of the overall planning."
Also monika huber (SPD) meant "one should not rust the young families until the never-never day", knowing full well that it is not yet clear where the surface water will be discharged to.
A mandatory requirement is that the separation system be prescribed for new developments, because new construction areas must not put the residents at a disadvantage, added mayor oswald siebenhaar. Second mayor mathias kern himself is satisfied with the submitted partial development in the presented version. Simon berninger (SPD) asked the planner sauer whether the water management office had to approve this partial closure. No, not with the small lot, was the answer.
Ralf kraus (CSU) reminded once again to take flood protection into account, because there is a lack of the one-stop surface in case of heavy rainfall events. And: "we also have a responsibility for the citizens who live in the city center", he appealed to his council colleagues. Also norbert handel (uwb) said, why not the rough solution is realized: "we should make nails with heads and not only stucco work".
The concept of the rough solution for the "honingser strabe III" development area will be very difficult, says mayor siebenhaar. If it is not possible to prove the existence of retention areas, it is possible that it will be difficult to build on the remaining building plots. Despite all the concerns and objections, the council refrained from planning a complete closure and passed the partial closure by a vote of ten to four.

Subsidy for kindergarten

The hl kindergarten. The brauningshof family applied for a subsidy for two pre-student positions for the year 2017/2018 in order to overcome staff shortages. The council decided to subsidize the two positions with 8000 euros.

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