Frankish cheerfulness

The cultural room of the synagogue also provided an acoustically ideal setting for jorg kaiser’s "kaiser’s schmarren" – and he felt right at home among the "old cousins", as he remarked in dialect, right from the start of his program. Frankish cheerfulness at its best.

First, kaiser turned a little bit to the customs and uses and led over to the current season with the christmas markets, whereby he took up a topic, which provides here particularly in the families for talking material and need for discussion: the "christmas tree purchase". The experiences in a christmas tree nursery, when all efforts are made to arouse the incentive to buy one of these little trees, are already precious. Afterwards, the audience had a great time listening to the comments of the family members – often with their own memories and experiences – about the christmas tree when it was finally put up.

With the single sentence "what should I give you as a present??", which comes up again and again in already regularity, then everything was said to the christmas gifts. Jorg kaiser put himself in the role of a man who has set his sights on ladies’ underwear as the special christmas surprise, accompanying his male companion through the shopping world with its many experiences and comments.

Apt also the transition to a prominent festival , the frankische kirchweih , whereby jorg kaiser once described the impressions during the visit of the members , which one naturally wanted to get rid of quickly again. "I’m glad you were here," was the striking phrase, as it were, to somehow give the "farewell" a friendly ending after all.

From cyclists to weeds

Of course, the november season offered the opportunity to evoke many memories and thoughts. Obviously also the 6. January, jorg kaiser highlighted "drinking heavily" at a stammtisch evening and then described an everyday family life. His hair stands on end when he himself visits a pub and witnesses a guest at the next table ordering a "non-alcoholic sour radler"; his comment: "a beer mixed with water."

To all this also the impressions of the father’s day fitted and as jorg kaiser a french polterabend and the everyday topic of the "unkrautzupffen" with the garden owners illuminated. Very topical also his comments on self-driving cars and the frequently read stickers "we also brake for animals", and, brand-new, the possibility to order a "sex-robot" on the internet.

The corona pandemic, which, as he so nuchternly noted, was not only a problem for the artists, but also for everyone else, was also a topic of discussion. Therefore, at this point, his friendly shout to his audience: "it’s nice that you have come up from the sofa again after one and a half years."He also tried to characterize with some cheerful episodes, how the leisure activities of the population, of course also of the "altenkuschter", as he added, from walking to yoga to creative duck feeding, took place during this time. Even the social games known for generations, such as the "human do not argue", once again gained their place and in addition the comments of the grandfather to the grandchildren: "one must ah am mol lose konna."

School, work and, of course, leisure time were not to be missed either, for example, when going to the sauna, the nuchterne remark from the middle of the family: "for sweating a’ still spend money."Nevertheless, jorg kaiser’s easy dessert also contained much of the french cheerfulness and he therefore gave his audience the well-meant advice at the end: "just slow down a bit and relax, then we will also manage the coming time again".

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