Gleusdorf castle: a borderline case for the authorities

gleusdorf castle: a borderline case for the authorities

The authorities have been investigating the gleusdorf case for two years. The information about inadequate and unworthy care of residents of the senior residence love the authorities after a report of the french day in september 2016 for the first time become bright-eyed.

A police raid followed, including arrests on suspicion of manslaughter, which in the meantime is no longer upheld due to an expert opinion. However, there are still accusations of mistreatment of the warded as well as other crimes, which have recently been fueled by recent incidents and testimonies of completely new witnesses.

Gleusdorf senior citizens’ residence: investigation continues after dubious death traps

The extent of the proceedings, which made headlines throughout germany, can be seen from the number of witnesses who have since come forward. The files are loaded box by box. In the FT editorial office alone, dozens of informants came forward from all over germany – from hanover to berlin and suhl to schweinfurt. But the masses involved live in the region, in the counties of habberge, bamberg, lichtenfels, coburg, hildburghausen and sonneberg.

The scandal surrounding the castle gleusdorf, about which the bildzeitung with "horror nursing home" headline is a borderline case, proverbial. Situated east of the itz, the town only belongs to lower franconia because another branch of the itz once flowed around the former pleasure palace of the abbot of banz monastery.

Many authorities involved

This peripheral location, far away from the district town of habfurt, created a very special constellation for the control and processing of the case.

Witness statements and interrogations at police stations in ebern, bamberg, schweinfurt, coburg, lichtenfels, and hildburghausen. The AOK inspectors come from coburg on behalf of the medical service of the health insurance fund (mdk), the home inspectors from habfurt.

The health authorities in bamberg and habfurt are involved, as are district courts throughout northern bavaria, which, by means of judicial admissions, take care of the bulk of the clientele among the home residents, which includes alcoholics who have been broken down, but also people infected with HIV and even a convicted murderer. All under care standing.

Employees sue

Labor courts are also frequently involved in the management of schloss gleusdorf. Again and again employees leave in discord, or "are left". The labor courts in bamberg, schweinfurt and wurzburg confirmed 111 cases to our newspaper for the years from 2000 to 2016. The number has continued to rise since then.

The legal representative of an ex-employee recently even spoke of "more than 200 cases", as he also claims to have heard about trials in coburg and bayreuth. What is certain is that a number of cases have now been added to the list, as not all employees wanted to support the management and care model on the basis of moral conviction and professional ethics. A complex case that challenges the authorities on many levels, as can be seen from the current example of a notifiable disease that occurred in the home and its treatment.

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