Greening 2017: farmers take stock

Greening 2017: farmers take stock

Greening has been in effect for over 80 percent of the arable land in bavaria since the beginning of 2015 as part of european agricultural policy. In this way, a lot of additional habitat for wild animals, bees, insects and wild plants has been created in the third "greening year", according to a press release of the bavarian farmers’ association for the county of kitzingen. Farmers have created "ecological priority areas" (ovf) on an area of more than 228,000 hectares in bavaria.

This commitment is also noticeable in the district of kitzingen and its cultural landscape. Farmers say z.B. Intercrops, which protect the soil during the winter and help build humus. Wild animals such as rabbits and deer can often be seen on these flats, where they find food and shelter in the cold season.

With around 158,000 hectares, intercropping is the number one ecological priority area in terms of acreage. But through greening, farmers have also planted more than 27,000 hectares of fallow land, which is often tilled with blood mixtures. In addition, there are about 2000 kilometers of marginal strips along waterways, field and forest edges.

Greening had brought a welcome increase in protein crops – such as alfalfa, field beans, peas and soybeans – whose volume had soared by 70 percent since greening was introduced. "It’s a shame that the eu is going to kill this boom from 2018," the release quotes BBV county chairman alois kraus as saying, referring to the future ban on using pesticides on these flats if needed. Many farmers will not want to take on this yield risk when growing these native protein feeds.

Kitzingen farmers are unhappy about a statement made by the european court of auditors on december 12. December: in a special report, the latter had stated that greening had hardly any ecological effect. "I would be happy to invite these EU employees on a ride through our county and show them the opposite on the spot," said BBV county chairman alois kraus.

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