Grune’s commitment is well received

That the bamberg gay and lesbian association uferlos e. V. Not only parties, but with different actions in the public, showed up these days once again in the city center. 16 members met in spite of freezing cold to collect mull together in bamberg.
How it came to the idea, explains first chairman martin clab in the press release: "on this day we had put our planet pink party under an irish-green motto, because the 17. March yes as ,st. St. Patrick’s day’ is celebrated. And with the idea of celebrating a green party, one thing led to another …". This is how the idea came about to organize a rubbish collection campaign – a kind of spring cleaning – in the city during the day. This fits perfectly to the green party and brings added value to all bambergers.
Your "blessing the environmental office of the city of bamberg, represented by karin koberlein, gave the following donations for the campaign. She was there at the start of the action and wished the participants a good hand. Koberlein and third mayor wolfgang metzner (SPD) thanked the gay and lesbian association for this commitment to the general public, which they had shown on their own initiative. Metzner was enthusiastic and was pleased that "uferlos despite the onset of winter with temperatures in the minus degrees, they had steadfastly put the action into practice.
The action participants were then also on the move for several hours in the inner city area and collected several bags of gauze. They repeatedly received a lot of encouragement from passers-by who had noticed the effort. From the rows of "uferlos it was also heard that they had been able to continue for three weeks because of the cigarette butts alone. But also the other rubbish that the participants collected around the ZOB, the fubganger zone, the maxplatz and further in the heart of the old town, was clearly noticeable in terms of words.
The participants were pleased that they had been invited by the university group "queer uni bamberg" have been supported energetically. For some time now, they have been talking to each other and pursuing a path of cooperation. For the autumn a repetition of the action is planned.

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