History on 140 pages

The village chronicle "grub and frenshof through the ages" was presented at a ceremony at the elementary school officially presented. Historian monika riemer-maciejonczyk has summarized the history of her hometown on 140 pages.
As mayor georg hollet explained, the burghers of grub and frenshof had met in the course of the village renewal to exchange and write down what was known from history. Old pictures were also collected. Intergenerational cooperation and painstaking research were carried out in the process. Hollet: "it's not easy to write thick books about the history of small towns. Nevertheless, lively and interesting contributions await the reader in our chronicle."
Riemer-maciejonczyk, herself a native of frenshofen, focused her attention on the historical origins of the city. According to his own statements, the preparation of the historical context was based exclusively on archives, files, written sources and thus on verifiable material. She was thus able to confirm the first naming of grub in 1278 for frenshof, the research revealed that the first written mention can be backdated by ten years, to 31.July 1530. 

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