Hunting is his great passion

He is known as a bullmaster, a sheep and fish farmer, and spends every possible minute outdoors. And he front for over 50 years of a rough passion, the hunt. "I shot my first wild boar at the age of 22 and since then i’ve been out and about in the surrounding areas. I know almost every tree in the area." Being on the high seat for hours at night is never boring, you can distinguish the individual sounds and trace the power of nature, he says. And when the hunting fever awakens, it is like a kick, the waiting for the event. He can’t even pay for the hunts anymore, not a week goes by without him being out on the prowl. His fellow hunters have given him credit for a sure eye and a steady hand, he says with pride. In the past, the night was often turned into day after the halali, nimrod remembers "now people have calmed down a bit". Not but what connects the travel with the hunt "there still burns desire to get to know new". Stocker points to his trophies: "I shot the chamois in slovenia, the deer in eastern poland, rabbits and pheasants in scotland, the wild sow in turkey and the mouflon in hungary.

Suddenly his eyes light up when he thinks of namibia. "I’ve already been there twice on safari, it’s unbelievable what there is to see. The most dangerous moment in his hunting life: in early southwest africa, an elan, the largest antelope at 17 hundredweight, raced past right next to him. "That was close, he remembers.
The "kniff", as his friends call him, but he also takes care of the game, sees it as a partner and not as an opponent. "I can hardly imagine a life without hunting", he says.
He recently bought a ferlacher, a handmade rifle from austria. "I don’t look at the euro." Tomorrow he will go out again, into the forest, he says in farewell.

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