In the church there is a wishing tree for the kindergarten

In the church there is a wishing tree for the kindergarten

Also in the evangelical kindergarten st. Michael the team continues to be creative despite the corona investigation. A rough rainbow with pits to the children decorates the window to the bus station of the elementary school. Next to it hang painted rainbow pictures of the children. In the entrance area a stone snake has been created, which is constantly growing. In the bicycle garage, the children can pick up painting and handicraft activities. The staff is in contact with the parents via e-mail and sends offers, stories, songs, videos and much more to the children. Even the easter bunny placed his easter nest in front of each child’s tur. As the management reports, the team uses the time for things that have long been left undone or postponed.

Wish list with new books

In addition to conception, planning and renovations, the wish tree was also created. As with the "book sponsor" campaign the city library can take a book wish from a tree in the protestant church and have it fulfilled. Those who like can be mentioned by name in the book.

Small bookshop is created

"A new room for the children is being created in the basement hall, where the children can acquire knowledge in the areas of language and mathematics education. There will also be a small library where parents and children can borrow books," says fischkal tells katja maschmeyer. The team has gone through all available books, sorted them out and integrated them by hand. In the process, the new wishes and the idea of the wish tree were born.

The team and the children are happy to have many "book sponsors" and the new bookers. Even if the "quiet" time can be put to good use, the team is delighted when the children finally bring life and laughter to the kindergarten again.

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