Less surplus participation for debeka life insurance policyholders

Less surplus participation for debeka life insurance policyholders

The current interest rate therefore falls from 2.5 to 2.25 percent compared to 2018. The reduction affects 350.000 customers with traditional life insurance policies or ten percent of all policies in debeka’s portfolio.

New types of policies without a classic guaranteed interest rate are not in focus. However, the overall interest rate, which falls when the contracts are paid out, will only fall slightly to up to 3.1 percent, the spokesman emphasized. Previously, the investor magazine "borse online" had reported on the step on its website.

The current interest rate results from the guaranteed interest rate and the surplus participation, the level of which is decided each year by the insurers depending on the economic situation and the success of their investment strategy. Due to low interest rates, the industry is finding it increasingly difficult to generate the high returns it once promised on the capital markets. Industry giants such as axa and market leader allianz, however, are keeping their surplus participation constant for 2019.

The consequence of low interest rates: surplus participation has been falling on average for some time now. The additional increase in old age is thus less than many consumers had hoped for. For years, high interest rates were considered an argument in favor of life insurance, the classic form of retirement provision.

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