Magazine publishers call for media use as a school subject

Magazine publishers call for media use as a school subject

"We are vehemently in favor of schools learning what which medium stands for," said managing director anina veigel in an interview with the german press agency. Teachers also needed to "know a lot more about new media because we have a gross information overload".

With the help of the state government, the association also wants to exert pressure to prevent an eu directive planned in brussel that would newly regulate data protection and online tracking. The so-called e-privacy directive has caused publishers’ digital advertising sales to plummet by 30 percent, veigel said. The circulation did not create a plus in data protection and made the magazines less attractive for the advertising market. In the end, the winners are U.S. Companies like google, facebook and amazon, "which per se have a lot of data about their users and – one sometimes gets the impression – can do whatever they want.

The VZB represents the interests of almost 100 bavarian magazine companies. At its annual meeting on 19. April in munich, minister-president markus soder (CSU) is also expected to speak.

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