“Money can’t pay for this”

It has already become a tradition: the “caregivers” day” in october in schlaifhausen. Vdk district manager brigitte mauser again invited guests to the kroder inn, and numerous vdk caregivers from the district”s local associations were happy to accept the invitation. For all of them, this day is an uplifting meeting, where they can exchange ideas over coffee and cake and a hearty snack, get to know each other and find out the latest news from the vdk family.

Old county woman kuni saam also made her way to schlaifhausen. Also, district manager gunther edl stopped by, and for the first time, the new upper franconian district chief executive brigitte kellner took part in the event.

Also “soul comforter

"This meeting is of great importance and significance – a confirmation of our public relations work at grassroots level", mauser emphasized in her opening remarks. Deputy district chairwoman heidi fortsch expressed her thanks and appreciation for the voluntary work and the commitment of the caregivers to society: "money can”t pay for this, because for us it”s about wanting to help." It is not uncommon for people to be "consolers of souls" in their care work, in which a great deal is done. "Volunteers are indispensable, fortsch, who spoke on this topic, said. She then reported on the latest news from the district association, which currently has 10634 members and is proud of its achievements. "The growth in membership is rapid", reported the deputy county chairwoman visibly pleased. In 2018, for example, the district association in forchheim ranked first in upper franconia in terms of new members.

Fortsch asked for understanding when waiting times occur in the processing of applications. 2500 consultations in the first half of 2019 in forchheim alone – 21 every day. That is "simply enormous", she said.

On this day, fortsch was particularly keen to congratulate brigitte mauser and her deputy inge baume for their "valuable and fruitful work," she said thank you in the district association.

Again office hours on site

Afterwards, district manager edl spoke about the local office hours and announced that he would be offering office hours again from the beginning of 2020. However, an optimal internet connection is also important.

Fortsch drew attention to the next vdk events: on saturday, 26. October, the district working meeting will be held in gosberg on 16 october. November, a major event with a panel discussion in hausen and on 18 november, the. October to 17. November the collection "help heal wounds".

Then the newly elected district woman kellner from marktleugast introduced herself. The 67-year-old is the successor to maria stadter. In a pleasant short talk she spoke about the latest news from the social association as well as about her voluntary work in the vdk, where she started as a supervisor. A year ago, she was elected as the representative of women in upper franconia.

Kellner said the next major event would be the vdk demonstration against growing old-age poverty on 28. March 2020 in munich. Buses were used for the journey there.

In closing, it was a matter close to her heart to say thank you to a vdklerin with body and soul, who has done invaluable work for the social association over the past decades: former county woman kuni saam. "She was my teacher, who always gave me the advice: don”t let yourself be bent, stay the way you are", said brigitte kellner. And that is exactly how she wants to remain as a district woman. Heidi amon

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