Mourning for Heinz Losert

Mourning for heinz losert

The fubballers in the lichtenfels district mourn heinz losert, who died this week at the age of 69. Losert lived in mistelfeld and is survived by his wife anna.

He is known to the people of lichtenfels as a long-time employee of the city, where he worked for 37 years. When he retired in 2014, he was foreman of the building yard.

Heinz losert was well known to soccer players as a player and, after his active career, as a player trainer and coach. His open, friendly manner made him a popular guy in the district, who attended games at district level until the end and was always a sought-after interlocutor there.

Losert, who was orphaned at the age of 14 and raised by his siblings, took his first steps in soccer at FC adler weidhausen. At the age of 18, he scored 57 goals and almost single-handedly propelled the eagles into the A-class. Afterwards, the top clubs lined up in front of losert’s house. The stalwart chose FC lichtenfels, the bavarian league team for which he played for 15 years. In his very first game, the native of oberwohlsbacher was allowed to play in the DFB cup against 1. FC nurnberg to the field. Even when the successful times came to an end, losert remained loyal to the FCL and went down to the district league with the traditional club. Also because he got a job with the city of lichtenfels and got married at 23.

FC lichtenfels called it quits at the age of 36. He then went on to coach FC schwurbitz, with whom he immediately became B-class champion. After that, losert was active as a coach at FC hochstadt, twice at FC altenkunstadt, again at schwurbitz, SV borussia siedlung lichtenfels, DJK lichtenfels and ESV lichtenfels.

Those who wish to pay their last respects to heinz losert can do so on tuesday, 5. February, 13.30 a.M. In the parish church of mistelfeld at the requiem followed by a blessing.

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