Municipal council approves cooperation with “iso

At its meeting in july 2016, the municipal council decided that, as of the 2016/2017 school year, the open all-day school (OGS) would be organized in cooperation with "iso" e. V. Is introduced as a cooperation partner. This meant that the previous offer of lunchtime supervision was replaced.
The essential advantage of the school offer "open all-day school" the reason for this lies in the fact that the parents are free of charge and only have to pay a play money or a fee. Have to pay a contribution to the cost of materials. In return, the municipality of litzendorf pays a co-financing share of 21,000 euros to the state of bavaria for the current five groups.

The second school year has started

In september 2017 the offer is now in cooperation with iso e. V. The second school year has started. Julia meibel, project manager, and yuliya melniakava, the current manager of the open all-day school, informed the community council about their experiences with this childcare program to date and reported on the current status in the new school year.
Now the further cooperation is to be based on a contractual basis between the carrier iso e and the community of litzendorf. V. And the community of litzendorf as well as the middle school of litzendorf be provided. In addition to the general rights and obligations of the contracting parties, the points "vacation and friday care" are particularly important regulated. These are not included in the current state requirement. However, the need for this is given. If this is to be offered, the municipality of litzendorf must make a compensatory payment to iso e. V. To be provided. For friday care until 4 p.M., the annual flat rate is 5.400 euro. Vacation care is charged at 285 euros to the day and is offered for a minimum of eight students. It is also planned to pay a flat rate for additional material costs, such as training costs, for the group. With five groups, this will result in a total cost of 3,500 euros for the municipality of litzendorf.

Questions from the councillors

Following the presentation, the community council discussed in detail the differences between the after-school care program and the OGS. The female councillors in particular could not understand why there is no childcare in the OGS on fridays. In the end, the community council agreed that high-quality care makes the school location of litzendorf even more attractive.
It was also clear to everyone that this would not be free of charge. For councillor franz-josef schick (SPD) there are no better investments than investments in the future of children". The cooperation agreement with iso e.V. Was approved unanimously.
Christiane werthmann and leonhard valier from the office for urban development and urban land use planning wittmann, valier und partner gbr from bamberg present the comments received from the public stakeholders in the context of the expansion of the urban development concept (SEK) in litzendorf. The expansion mainly concerns the municipality of melkendorf with the area around the former winkler brewery. The SEK for litzendorf will be expanded to include the planned parking lot at the new double sports hall, as this is intended to ease the parking situation in the town center with the church, town hall and cemetery.
The council was informed of the comments received. Detailed statements cannot yet be made, as the utilization concept for the former winkler brewery is not yet available.
The municipal council had an extensive program with regard to the intended 3. Modification of the "tanzwiesen-west" development and land use plan to be worked off. Gerhard wittmann from the office for urban development and urban land use planning wittmann, valier und partner gbr from bamberg informed the community council that the problem of the larm, which had already been discussed, could not yet be conclusively clarified. The comments received from the public interest groups were discussed in detail. Numerous private individuals had also formulated detailed objections to the type of future development, the size of the houses and the development of the area. These were likewise appreciated by the municipal council.

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