Museum directors protest against closure

Museum directors protest against closure

Directors of renowned art museums in germany have protested in a letter against the closure of their houses due to the new corona regulations. "Recognizably, the policy has made an effort to take a differentiated approach in shaping the recent lockdown," the 36 directors shared.

Unfortunately, however, the cultural sector was once again affected to an extreme degree, and with it the museums, which were to be closed for several weeks for the second time this year. "With all understanding for the challenges that corona imposes on all of us, we think this is a wrong decision."

Museums are among the safest public places. The hygiene and distance rules developed since march, the limitation of the number of visitors and the consequent renunciation of openings and coarser events had been maintained. If the museums have now been closed again, this seems more like a symbolic gesture. "It is beyond us why it is possible to keep open hardware stores, car dealerships and other businesses, but close museums that have the same or more coarse draw areas for corona-appropriate public traffic."

Among the signatories are stephan berg, director of the kunstmuseum bonn, frederic bubmann, general director of the kunstsammlungen chemnitz, peter gorschluter, director of the folkwang museum essen, ulrike groos, director of the stuttgart art museum, alexander klar, director of the kunsthalle hamburg, eva kraus, director of the bundeskunsthalle in bonn and felix kramer, general director of the stiftung museum kunstpalast in dusseldorf.

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