Musical world tour with the sparrows

The choir community frohsinn nudlingen and the children's choir, the "nudlinger spatzen", invited to the old school on sunday afternoon for a colorful afternoon of songs. It was held for the second time and the initiator, conductor karin kiesewetter, was very pleased that it was a complete success. Chairwoman angela buban buried the numerous guests in the fully occupied gastronomy rooms of the old school. Among them were parents and grandparents of the children's choir.

The "nudlinger spatzen" performed for the second time in their home country and showed, without any fear of the limelight, that they really enjoy singing in a group. They were supported by the adults of the choir community, as well as by the pianist lena ney and choir director karin kiesewetter. Positive feelings were conveyed by the lively "sparrows", as well as communicated by the adult choristers.

From sweden to america

The song program of the "nudlinger spatzen the motto was "a journey around the world". It was interesting that the songs were preceded by short factual information about the way of life and needs of the people sung about. The world tour started in sweden, followed by russia. In between, conductor karin kiesewetter and the adult choir recalled the magnificent landscape of the rhon. With great enthusiasm the little ones sang the song of the "kookaburra". At the next stop israel and the palastinian territories were brought into the field of vision. The conflicts between jews and arabs were addressed. But a reference to a bilingual school in the south of jerusalem, in which jews and palastinians are taught together, was hopeful. The song from saudi arabia sung towards the end contained a lot of rhythmic movement and after reaching america the development of jazz music was pointed out.

In conclusion, to emphasize the beauty of the german homeland, everyone sang together with the audience the franconian song, the "kreuzberglied" and the emotional "ein schoner tag". Those who came did not have to regret their visit.

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