“New age” in weismain

Attentive motorists in particular noticed it immediately in weismain on friday, shortly after 10 a.M.: after around two years of construction work, the road works department employees had removed the barrier signs from the new bypass.

The traffic on the bypass road in weismain was now able to move, because the traffic circles had been completed, the traffic lights had been installed and all the other signage had been created in such a way that a "new era" had begun of the road traffic in weismain could begin.

This will not only be appreciated by road users, as first mayor udo dauer said, but especially by drivers for whom the "upper gate" has always been an unbridgeable obstacle always represented an unbridgeable obstacle: farmers with their heavy tractors and all truck drivers.

When the road was opened by the bamberg road construction office – the official date for the opening of the road will not be until january – there was already lively road traffic. As a precaution, the detsch family also used this bypass for the first time, and it turned out that the radii of the traffic traffic circles had been chosen in such a way that they could also be driven on by rough agricultural tractors without any problems, a fact that relieved the responsible officials. However, all future motorists should not immediately use the new roadway too racy, because there is also a speed limit.

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