New plans for old cemetery

In july last year, the city council held a general debate on how to proceed with the city’s old cemetery. The results of the debate should make the office arc.Grun in a future planning and present again. This happened in the meeting on monday evening.

A paved median, more burials in the eastern part, the creation of a central square in front of the blessing hall and various solutions for urn burials, tree plantings and the creation of resting benches were found in the elaboration.

The estimated total cost of the remodeling is around 260,000 euros. However, in order to obtain the space for the area in front of the blessing hall, some grave rights were not allowed to be extended. Five graves had to be relocated. The council must decide on this individually.

Whether the square in front of the hall can be at least partially roofed over, according to a suggestion by ernst plannasch, will be examined. In the next step, the council will receive the documents for inspection before a further discussion in the council takes place.

Other items on the agenda

– already in april the council discussed at the request of michael steinbacher about light pollution by street lighting. Now the rates had figures about the costs: if the street lighting should be dimmed only in the street at the steinbuhl, then it costs 1500 euro, for the whole residential area point 2300 euro. With three votes against, the council decided to dim the lights in the entire residential area during the night hours and to do so on a trial basis for two years.

– the decision on the sale or permanent use of the former bibergau school was postponed by a majority of the city council. On the one hand, the general renovation of the scherenberg school is pending, so the bibergau building can be used as an alternative location. In addition, the state government recommends keeping existing school buildings in reserve because of rising school enrollments.

– for the past year, parking in dettelbach has once again been possible with a parking disc. Manfred berger now asked for an experience report, which will be presented in one of the next meetings.

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