Objections only from those directly affected

On the occasion of the annual general meeting of the citizens’ initiative of schondra against suedlink e.V. Chairman rainer morshauser was able to bury about 30 people in singenrain. The report of activities, presented by the secretary-general, florian karges, showed that in the past year the main focus was on consultations with neighboring citizens’ initiatives, participation in conferences and gathering information on the state of the proceedings.

With regard to the current state of affairs, the chairman stated that tennet will submit a preferred corridor to the federal network agency in accordance with section 8 of the nabeg, which crosses the district of bad kissingen to the east. The western route near zeitlofs is still available as an alternative, while the route along the A7 is no longer included. Objections to this planning can now only be raised by those directly affected and by those with public interests.

After the subsequent review meetings, this phase of the federal sectoral planning will be completed by the beginning of 2020 at the latest. Morshauser also reported on progress in cable technology and emphasized: "the issue of masts is off the table."

However, he also made it clear that "this will be a matter for the citizens’ initiative again when the P43 and P43 removal tests are completed. P43mod to be tackled, which will affect our region again." According to the latest amendment to the grid expansion acceleration law, the renewal of power lines is possible without public participation.

Mayor bernold martin described his impressions of the info market in oberthulba in his pit speech. Little new information had been received from tennet. He expressed the thanks of the entire market community to the BI for their commitment. Morshauser informed that the outdated banners at the local entrances will be taken down. But: "we stay on the ball."

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