Bicycles: the boom continues

Bicycles: the boom continues

Even in the post-war period, it was still considered an important means of transport. In the sixties the bicycle was displaced by the car – those who could afford it now moved around by motorized means.

For about a decade now, however, the bicycle has been experiencing a renaissance, and especially since e-bikes and pedelecs have been on the market, more and more people are discovering their love of getting around on two wheels. In germany alone, the number of pedelecs more than doubled from 1.3 million to 2.8 million between 2012 and 2016. The market for electronically assisted bicycles has developed rapidly, and in a very short time a large number of new types of e-bikes with increasingly refined technology and elegant design and a high level of comfort have come onto the market.


Bookseller thalia goes new ways

bookseller thalia goes new ways

The german book trade is losing readers. In the past five years alone, he has lost around 6.4 million customers, according to data from the booksellers’ association borsenverein.

Germany’s largest bookstore chain thalia won’t stand idly by and watch the trend continue. Thalia boss michael busch therefore announced in dusseldorf a realignment of the chain, which operates nearly 300 stores in germany, austria and switzerland. Bookstores are to become much more of a meeting place than before, with cafes, reading areas and play corners for children, but also with a variety of events.


Thailand’s cavernous drama is crudely marketed

Thailand's cavernous drama is crudely marketed

For a young man from the thai province, dom promthep has already been around last year. The 14-year-old from mae sai, a small town on the border with myanmar, has been to england, japan, argentina and the u.S.

In bangkok the king gave a gala in his honor. Soon, a film ("the cave") about his fate will be released in theaters. Netflix makes a series, disney a documentary. And they have even built a monument to him.


Berlin: policeman (54) dragged along seventy meters on the run – almost 12 years in prison for thief

A car thief who dragged and seriously injured a berlin police officer as he fled has been sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail. The regional court sentenced the 29-year-old man on monday (19. March 2018) guilty, among other things, of attempted murder. The thief had recognized that a human was attached to the vehicle he had just stolen, but had stripped it and tried to escape, the judges found. The 54-year-old police officer was so severely injured in the attack in berlin-lichtenberg in august 2015 that he is still not fit for duty today.

Defendant had confessed

The court's verdict went beyond the prosecutor's request, which had called for nine years and six months in prison for attempted manslaughter, among other charges. The defense counsel had not made a specific request for punishment, the defendant had confessed.


Municipal council approves cooperation with “iso

At its meeting in july 2016, the municipal council decided that, as of the 2016/2017 school year, the open all-day school (OGS) would be organized in cooperation with "iso" e. V. Is introduced as a cooperation partner. This meant that the previous offer of lunchtime supervision was replaced.
The essential advantage of the school offer "open all-day school" the reason for this lies in the fact that the parents are free of charge and only have to pay a play money or a fee. Have to pay a contribution to the cost of materials. In return, the municipality of litzendorf pays a co-financing share of 21,000 euros to the state of bavaria for the current five groups.

The second school year has started

In september 2017 the offer is now in cooperation with iso e. V. The second school year has started. Julia meibel, project manager, and yuliya melniakava, the current manager of the open all-day school, informed the community council about their experiences with this childcare program to date and reported on the current status in the new school year.
Now the further cooperation is to be based on a contractual basis between the carrier iso e and the community of litzendorf. V. And the community of litzendorf as well as the middle school of litzendorf be provided. In addition to the general rights and obligations of the contracting parties, the points "vacation and friday care" are particularly important regulated. These are not included in the current state requirement. However, the need for this is given. If this is to be offered, the municipality of litzendorf must make a compensatory payment to iso e. V. To be provided. For friday care until 4 p.M., the annual flat rate is 5.400 euro. Vacation care is charged at 285 euros to the day and is offered for a minimum of eight students. It is also planned to pay a flat rate for additional material costs, such as training costs, for the group. With five groups, this will result in a total cost of 3,500 euros for the municipality of litzendorf.


When the t-shirt is the intestine

When the t-shirt is the intestine

An eavesdropping attack through one’s own T-shirt? This idea comes to mind when you look at the unusual garment into which eight microphones have been sewn. But in the development of dr. Sarah fischer, assistant physician at the medical clinic 1 for gastroenterology, pneumology and endocrinology at the university hospital erlangen, it is not a police but a medical surveillance method. For the "gastro-digitalshirt" records the wearer’s bowel movements for several days or weeks, providing valuable data for the doctors treating the patient. They can, for example, evaluate treatment methods for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or irritable bowel syndrome, according to a press release from the university.

For her development, sarah fischer has now been awarded the DGVS innovation prize "digital gastroenterology" by the german society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases the "gastro-digital" award, which was presented for the first time this year.


With humor into the depths of the mordean soul

With humor into the depths of the Mordean soul

It is always exciting and humorous to read a book by helmut vorndran. Just as gripping and funny is a reading with the popular bestselling crime writer, who has ended his cabaret career with TBC (totales bamberger cabaret) and now concentrates on his literary art. At his reading on tuesday evening at the habfurt cultural office, he fascinated the audience with excerpts from his books.

According to the alphabet
In addition to the collection of "mords-geschichten" (murder stories) under the title "dead by franken" has helmut vorndran with "alabaster grave", "blood fire and "the colibri effect three bose, dramatic and mysterious franken crime novels written that could well be described as thrillers.


Young people receive much praise for 72 hours of commitment

Young people receive much praise for 72 hours of commitment

Almost 165 young people made the district of forchheim a little better over the weekend: altar boys in kersbach, for example, made the community aware of the need to preserve biodiversity, even in a retirement home.

In eggolsheim, they have collected and sorted items that are no longer needed and then passed them on to charitable organizations. And on the castle feuerstein near ebermannstadt a garden of human rights was created.


Clear plant is being renewed

Karl-heinz hofmann at its meeting on monday, the works committee of the kronach city council dealt with the report on the audit of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 financial statements and unanimously approved the submitted economic plan for 2020 as well as the financial plan for the years 2020 to 2023. Under the leadership of the second mayor angela hofmann (CSU), the commercial manager johannes meitner and plant manager jochen loffler were able to convince with their presented numerical material.

The council unanimously stated that the municipal utilities were on the right track. This was also confirmed by the audit carried out by the bavarian municipal auditing association (BKPV), which, on the basis of a city council resolution of 24. The audit of the annual financial statements for 2016 to 2018 was carried out in september 2019. Accordingly, the BKPV judged the management’s description of the situation to be plausible and consistent, based on the results of the audit and the findings obtained, including the opportunities and risks of future development presented. According to the BKPV, the assessment of the situation by the plant management was appropriate in terms of scope and accurate in terms of content. The audit did not reveal any indications that the continued existence of the company was in jeopardy.


Digital compass for seniors

The so-called digital compass location for all questions about the internet was opened in the multigenerational house (MGH) of the awo-treff bad rodach these days. This is intended to help older people on their way into the internet and the digital world as part of the nationwide "digital compass" project support and guidance should be offered, as mobile internet use via smartphone and tablet is increasing, especially among seniors. After all, 79 percent of those aged 60 to 69 and 45 percent of those over 70 are now online. The german workers’ welfare association (awo) has therefore taken the step of accompanying the elderly in the digitalization process. Bad rodach is now one of the eleven bavarian digital compass locations. There are dedicated people who are trained in the daily use of advice and the internet and who pass on their knowledge.

"Who wouldn’t want to communicate with old friends or distant relatives, or share the lives of their children and grandchildren by video phone??", asked the speaker, guido steinke from the consumer initiative.