Police officer falsifies report – bamberg soccer fan exonerated

Police officer falsifies report - Bamberg soccer fan exonerated

The district court of ingolstadt confirmed a corresponding report of the "donaukurier from thursday.

In the summer of 2013, riots broke out at the main train station in ingolstadt during a soccer match between the second team of FC ingolstadt and FC eintracht bamberg in the fourth division of the bavarian regional league. The policeman had beaten up a fan of the visiting team with a baton. Afterwards, the police chief stated in the incident report that the man had kicked him in the back and then threatened him with a broken beer bottle. However, a video proves that the fan pushed the policeman and did not threaten him with the bottle, because another policeman took it away from him beforehand.

Judge: report deliberately falsified

that the report was an error of perception on the part of the convicted man was ruled out by the judge at the sentencing hearing on wednesday. "The report was deliberately written incorrectly", he explained. It is still unclear what will happen to the convicted policeman. If the penalty becomes legal, the official will be removed from service. "But he still has a week after the verdict to appeal", the judge explained.

At the time, the 30 or so bamberg fans were joined by violent supporters of the nurnberg ultras. Dpa/agr

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