Ready for the worst

The fire department has to be ready for action around the clock, and that’s why the herzogenaurach firefighters recently conducted a 24-hour training exercise. 38 participants aged between 13 and 62 were in action.

It all started with a spectacular traffic accident in burgstall at the spitzer company with two cars involved in the accident, one truck and four people to be rescued. The next stop was the meisel car recycling plant, where an explosion caused by excavator work left several burns and several people injured. Around midnight, the third call-out, this time without the youngsters. The task was to find a father and son in a forest stump between beutelsdorf and hammerbach, who had gotten lost in the darkness.

The second day got off to a particularly challenging start with a hazardous goods operation immediately after breakfast. A container with 1000 liters of contents (smoking sulfuric acid) was damaged and flowed into an adjacent pond behind the company breun between steinbach and burgstall. The additional alarmed fire department of hammerbach built together with the young people a complete decontamination route, another part equipped themselves with chemical protection suits, in order to seal the container and finally to be able to extract with hazardous material pumps.

Having just arrived back in herzogenaurach, the gong sounded again through the station and the firefighters had to find their way to a barbecue site in the dambach area. The assumed scenario was that the adjacent forest stucco had been ignited by carelessness during a barbecue. The fire brigade proceeded from three sides in order to encircle the fire as quickly as possible, which led to a rapid success.

A reported cellar fire in parkstrabe was a highly demanding task for the firefighters. Despite a very difficult approach, the firefighters from herzogenaurach were able to prove their efficiency, according to the fire department’s report. Within a very short time, four respiratory protection teams rescued a total of eight injured people from the smoke-filled cellar. After the house had been cleared of smoke with two high-pressure air compressors, the rescuers were able to enter the building.

The last exercise took place at the steiner company in herzogenaurach north. After an implied explosion, several people were trapped here and there was fire spread over the land. The incident commander had to deploy all forces in a targeted manner in order to meet the need.

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