Repair of the pavement only in the spring

Repair of the pavement only in the spring

The head of the kitzingen building authority, oliver graumann, provided information on three topics at the castle meeting in sthashausen. The burgers present were initially concerned with the paving damage on schwarzacher strabe, in particular at the savings bank and the walfisch inn. The substructure under the paving stones is no longer water-permeable and in heavy rain the water can no longer run off, said graumann.

The company that laid the pavement can no longer be held responsible because, according to the state of the art at the time, it did not make any mistakes in the construction work. After two unsuccessful tenders, a wurzburg paving company has now been found that will eliminate the deficiency. "During the repair work, the paving stones will be taken out, a treatment of the subsoil will be carried out and the paving stones will be put back in", the head of the construction office explained. As this will not be the case until next spring, the building yard will erect a provisional solution in the meantime.

Mixed use area planned

Topic number two was the ice pit. Here the work is completed, said graumann. In the area of the inlet at the entrance area a deepening of about 1.50 meters had been excavated, which had been agreed upon with the nature conservation authority and the fishermen’s guild.

The third construction project is for the development of the derelict area in schwarzacher strabe east/hochweg. Here, the company hering immobilien is planning a mixed area of residential and commercial buildings. However, no manufacturing industry is to be established here in order to avoid unnecessary larvae pollution for future residents. According to graumann, it is important to find a suitable balance between commercial and residential areas. There are currently two development plans, 14 buildings are to be built, but no decision has been made yet.

Trouble about parking behavior

The concerns of the burghers of sthashaus were mainly traffic issues. There have been complaints about excessive speed on the airfield road, and about damage to the newly laid roadbed on the existing gravel cycle path to albertshofen caused by vehicles from the countryside. The participants considered it a nuisance that on fridays the hirtengraben and the upper new alley are blocked up by visitors to the mosque.

The fear of a burgher that the city administration would approve the request of the shisha bar in gartenstrabe to extend the opening hours for the outdoor area was dispelled by lord mayor muller: "there is no consideration to grant this request", said the oberburg mayor.

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