Researcher: German labor market shifts down a gear

researcher: german labor market shifts down a gear

For the summer, they still expect unemployment to fall and new jobs to be created, but at a subdued pace, according to the labor market monitor published by the institute for labor market and occupational research (IAB).

The labor market barometer, based on a survey of the heads of the 156 german employment agencies, fell for the second time in succession in may. It decreased slightly by 0.4 points to 104.1 payers. In april, the value had fallen by 0.9 points to 104.5 payers. The barometer scale ranges from 90 (very poor development) to 110 (very good development). He thus continues to indicate a positive climate.

IAB labor market researcher enzo weber attributes the employment agency heads’ cautious outlook to the recent somewhat slower growth of the german economy. "The economy has shifted down two gears, the labor market is shifting down at least one gear," weber explained. The number of unemployed in may presents the federal agency this wednesday in nurnberg.

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