Rough station in Rodental for Gerhard preb

rough station in rodental for gerhard preb

The reception was hosted by the rodentaler CSU. And its chairwoman ingrid ott also held the detailed eulogy for the mayor, who has been in office for 28 years and will not run again in the 2014 municipal election.

Ingrid ott described gerhard preb as a "personality, the "rough view" far beyond the borders of rodental and the coburg region genius. "Is it any wonder that he was called "a success factor" in the-
a few weeks ago, he was awarded the bavarian order of merit for his outstanding commitment to the ministry?"

Ingrid ott recalled some of gerhard preb’s most notable career milestones: in 1964, he entered the administrative service of the state of bavaria, first at the district office in wunsiedel, later in ebermannstadt, and from 1970 at the district office in coburg.

He had already married his ilse in 1969, who was described by ingrid ott as "a success factor in gerhard’s life was called. In 1972 gerhard preb took over the provisional management of the old people’s home schloss rosenau. In 1973 he moved to the town of rodental as a chamberlain.

"It was certainly to the credit of our old burgermeister ferdinand fischer that he immediately recognized the talent of the young chamberlain and brought him into the conversation as his successor.", ott emphasized. In 1984, gerhard preb was actually elected mayor of the town of rodental.

Ingrid ott got into a huff: "since that time, things have happened as they had to with this ambitious, active man: with insight, verve, skill and diplomacy, he has driven forward the development of rodental and made it what it is today: a lively, progressive, lovable city with economic power and quality of life!"

Ott paid 31 offices and functions, in which gerhard preb to be supervisory board member, chairman and member
contributing knowledge and know-how. The town of rodental has received 22 development areas, model projects and awards during his time in office – such as the award for "most business-friendly municipality in bavaria 2002" and the 2008 award for municipal senior citizen policy.

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