Slippery parquet

Slippery parquet

Schoolchildren live dangerously in bad bocklet. "The risk of accidents in the gebaude is enormous" said mayor wolfgang back (CSU) in the city council. He had gone through the classrooms with principal ursula plohnke and looked at the situation on site. "We have to do something here every year" said back. The council unanimously decided to entrust the company raumdekor norbert faber from steinach with the repair of the pavement. The latter had submitted the most favorable bid of around 17,000 euros.

The awarding of a contract for the construction of a new parking lot with a footpath in the mixed area of the kleinfeldlein development in erloserschwestern-strabe was also debated. The contract was awarded to the company august ullrich gmbh from elfershausen, which had submitted the most favorable bid at around 156,000 euros gross. The costs for the new construction of the parking lot with a footpath and the already constructed access area and the handicapped parking spaces in front of the medical center amount to a total of around 177,000 euros," said mayor back. In addition, there are the engineering fees as well as the lighting and other costs. Including this, the total costs amount to around 212,000 euros. However, the budget only amounts to 198,000 euros. "Therefore, there will be an unbudgeted expenditure of about 14,000 euros", said mayor back. However, the coverage is guaranteed due to other minor expenditures in the budget of assets.

Henneberghalle will be expensive
For the general renovation of the henneberghalle in steinach, stefan richter of the engineering firm richter from bad bruckenau presented a rough cost estimate. "After a first inspection, I expect that the renovation of the hall will cost between 1.2 and 1.5 million euros", he said. As was made clear in the previous meeting of the municipal council, the intention is to complete the planning this year, if possible. Back said that the decision to make a general renovation was the right step to take. "It's important that the clubs in steinach and other users can carry out their activities here in a sensible way", he said. At the moment the hall is occupied almost every day. During the renovation, the hall will probably not be usable for a year. The associations had to be brought on board and their wishes should be taken into account as far as possible when the initial planning is completed, back continued. "Here a basic cost calculation is important", according to the mayor, that the costs do not explode. He put the fee costs for the architectural office at around 165,000 euros. The work should then be completed in 2015, if possible. Richter pointed out that by choosing a good dam and heating system for the renovation, it was possible to save on energy costs, which would relieve the burden on the community budget in the future.

Non-public award
A vote on the awarding of the contract to the engineering firm was waived in the public part of the meeting. Michael trumbach had objected that other specialized buros had to be given a chance to prove themselves here. Alternatives to the offer of the engineering firm richter had to be obtained. In the non-public part, the engineering firm richter was given the go-ahead with one vote against.

One topic was citizen participation for the planning of the aubenanlagen and the village square in grobenbrach. "We must take up the thoughts of the concerned ones" meant back. For this purpose, examples should be presented to the population in a public meeting, but also their ideas should be brought in. Andreas sandwall said that the most important thing now was to complete the forecourt at the fire station.

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