Sports badges for almost 500 schools

Jumping strength, speed, endurance, coordination and quickness were in demand, and the result was a record number of participants: the girls and boys of the herzogenaurach elementary school are particularly sporty. The sports badge is only awarded to those who jump far, run fast and have stamina. 486 out of 547 girls and boys from herzogenaurach succeeded in doing so.

Sports badges were awarded at the carl-platz-school and at burgstaller weg. "Such a participation is unique in the district of erlangen-hochstadt and exemplary for the whole of bavaria", praised BLSV district chairman walter fellermeier at the award ceremony. Mayor german hacker was not sparing with praise either. "We expected up to 50 sports badges and were pleasantly surprised by 486 sports badges", the mayor highlighted the achievement.

In herzogenaurach, it is traditional for the young participants in the sports badge to receive an atlantis voucher from the city. Cheers erupted when the mayor held up the envelope. When he took office, principal markus hahn announced that he would intensify training for the "german youth sports badge. He expressed his pride at the handover . "The badge and the certificate should be an incentive for you to continue to be sporty and active", the rector and the mayor wished for.

But the sporting achievements didn’t come on their own, as the name max serger was mentioned and the children cheered him on like a pop star. Serger did a voluntary social year at the gymnastics club and at the elementary school, and during this time he gained the trust of the children. "It was a great pleasure to work and train with the children", paid sergeants. He had to shake hands with his young fans every now and then.

Sports badge chairman herbert meier from the gymnastics club also had his work cut out for him. He took over the evaluation of the sporting achievements. As principal hahn explained, the teachers were assisted by school parents in measuring, timing and recording the results in the class lists during the four days of the competition. "As an elementary school, we also want to use the sports badge competition to show that herzogenaurach is a sports city", the rector explained.

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