Supporting the fire brigade and maintaining cultural life

Supporting the fire brigade and maintaining cultural life

Christian samann is now at the helm of the iffigheim firefighters’ association. After twelve years in office, thomas drebel did not retire completely, however, but continues to work as an assessor. 101 members pay the association.

The association was founded on 3. June 1984 with the aim to promote and support the fire department. Here the new chairman of the association christian samann suggested an amendment of the articles of association. It should be considered whether a second goal, namely the preservation of cultural life in the town, should not be anchored. Finally, it is the fire department association that organizes all the festivities. He will also take care of the future village community center.

The fire station was occupied 120 times last year, twice more than the year before. This was reported by thomas drebel in his last report as chairman of the council. Ten times the tent had been lent. Here the meeting of the members agreed to the purchase of new tent tarpaulins.

The purchase of a display cabinet is being considered

A new high quality protocol book will also be purchased. A display cabinet for special objects is also being considered. The reason for this was the accidental discovery of a fire department jug, on the tin lid of which a dedication to the voluntary fire department with the date 5 june 1984 had been engraved.7.51 stands. This jug was given to the fire department by thomas drebel. When the new village hall is built, there could also be a place for a showcase, according to the assembly.

The proceeds of the winter barbecue of 230 euros has been donated to the monchberg clinic. This need is to be maintained, as the fire department association is doing well financially and others are in need of support. Also the donations from the "red can in the guest room should be given in the future to social institutions.

New board of directors elected

Drebel mentioned the maypole celebration, the sausage feast, the village festival at the fountain in june, the solstice bonfire, the helper celebration, the church fair in november and the winter barbecue as events for this year. The european championship match between germany and portugal will be watched together in the firehouse. There was also discussion about an additional beat evening.

Honorary chairman norbert dazian then had an easy task with the election management. The members unanimously elected christian samann as the new chairman. Deputy remains thomas hering. Treasurer siegfried subner, who has held the office since 1996, will continue for another six years. Andreas braun is the new font leader. The assessors are simone dorsch, dieter dorsch (assessor since 1996 and tent master since 2000) and thomas drebel. Roland mennel and robert ehemann act as treasurers. By virtue of his office, fire department commander matthias geuder is a member of the board of directors.

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