The city and its participations

The city and its participations

If you want to understand where and how the city of bad kissingen influences the livelihoods of its citizens, you have to consider more than just the administration in the town hall and the building yard at lindesmuhle. The city performs many tasks outside the traditional municipal structures. In companies in which she has a stake or which she even owns outright: gewo, stadtwerke gmbh, staatsbad gmbh, the companies surrounding the grunderzentrum, baderland bayerische rhon and the GEG real estate development company.

On wednesday, the administration reported to the finance committee of the city council on the development of these investments in 2018. The result: although there are ups and downs over the years, as with all business, the district association is still in a good shape. But all in all, the town hall is satisfied with the development of the companies in that year. An overview.

Gewo: the city holds a 75 percent share in the public housing company gewo, the rest is held by the savings bank. According to gerhard schneider, the city’s chief executive officer, gewo’s purpose is to contribute to a secure and social supply of housing. The earnings situation in 2018, according to schneider, is "assessed as satisfactory". The income from building management had fallen in 2018 due to renovation work in one property and modernization of apartments. The balance sheet total rose to 15.14 million euros, while the balance sheet profit fell by 180,000 euros to 447,000 euros.

The importance of gewo for the housing market in bad kissingen can be gauged from these figures: the number of rental apartments managed in 2018 was 617. These apartments have a total of 38,347 square meters of living and usable space. The vacancy rate in 2018 was exactly 3.2 percent, and the average rent in a gewo apartment in 2018, at 4.35 euros per square meter, can certainly be considered socially acceptable. Even though it modernizes regularly, gewo has not built for some time now. Schneider admitted this in response to a question from the committee. The goal has not been abandoned. At the moment, however, the company could only achieve this goal through redensification. The company does not have any vacant land on which it can roughly plan for new developments.

Stadtwerke bad kissingen gmbh: according to schneider, the city of bad kissingen estimates that the 2018 financial year was "satisfactory" in comparison with the previous year a. The strategy of offering itself as an energy supplier beyond the city’s borders has proved to be the right one, he said. However, the municipal utilities did not achieve their planned result in 2018, with total assets increasing to 88.13 million euros. The bottom line for the year was 690,000 euros. Two years earlier, the figure had been 2.37 million euros. As "challenges for the municipal utilities, the report for 2018 mentions, among other things, constantly changing legal conditions. Competition has also become fiercer. The "future topic of renewable energies" the stadtwerke gmbh has been pursuing, above all, in the area of wind power. However, there have been delays in implementation due to the legal framework conditions.

Staatsbad gmbh: in the shareholdings in the staatsbad gmbh, the weighting has shifted from the freistaat to the city of bad kissingen. Since 2018, the city has held 53 percent of the shares (previously 40), and the state only 47 (previously 60). The town hall is satisfied with the development of guest accommodations and overnight stays, also with a view to 2018. About 1.6 million overnight stays and a quarter of a million guests continued the trend of previous years. The spa tax revenue, which is important for the services offered by staatsbad gmbh, had developed according to plan. The financial and asset situation is secure because the shareholders compensate the structurally hardly avoidable deficit (2018: 2.37 million euros) according to the shares. The investment report states that the total assets of staatsbad gmbh for 2018 amounted to 3.9 million euros. The loss of sales amounted to 6.7 million euros. RSG, baderland and GEG: the balance sheet for the companies around the RSG and baderland bayerische rhon gmbh& is also positive co. KG from. The RSG is doing a very good job, schneider said. Baderland also maintains its role as a network for strengthening the region’s healthcare industry.

The property development company GEG, which was founded mainly to market the properties in the former barracks, has been in liquidation for years. According to schneider, GEG had already sold its last property in 2018 "after the enchantment of the last plot" no longer owns any real estate assets.

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